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Forums and Discussions?

Hello All! I'm Jamie from FANDOM's Community Development team! I don't think we never asked you all if you'd be interested in turning on the Discussions feature for this community and on the app, and also perhaps migrating the Threaded Forums across as well.
In case you are unaware of the feature, Discussions was introduced last year to help communities engage with users and fans. It lives in its own space on the wiki and allows users to interact with other members of the community. It is also mobile friendly and gives mobile users a chance to contribute and engage with the community, and possibly turn them into wiki editors as well. Discussions also links with our FANDOM Apps, which this community has and it allows app users to easily take part in Discussions as well. You can read more about Discussions: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions here.
For more information on migrating forums to Discussions, you can check out this over on Community Central that explains everything in detail.
http://community.wikia.com/wiki/User_Blog:BertH/Migrating_Forum_Content_to_Discussions blog If you have some concerns, Discussions, and Forums can exist side-by-side in case you do not want to migrate just yet. However, eventually all Forums will be migrated over to Discussions and Forums will be sunsetted as a feature, so getting ahead of the curve is never a bad idea. Feel free to have an open discussion with your community about this, and I'm available for any questions you might have.
Happy New Year!
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Supercruise thrusters

Hi all,
So I've been playing ED for about 2 months now (having been a fan of the originals) and have maanged to learn a great deal either from direct play or through the internet.  I'm pretty comfortable with the aspects that I've encountered so far, but I have a bit of a "basic" question.  Although I've never been able to find a decent answer to my question, so maybe it's not that basic after all...
So in the ships HUD you have the thrusters, which (in supercruise at least) is made up of four elements: 1) the blue bar, 2) the main bar, 3) the "pin" and 4) the thin bar on the right.
Firtsly, what I think I know: The blue bar represents the "sweet spot" for your thrusters, the main bar is your actual thrust, the pin is your throttle (or intended thrust) and the thin bar on the right is, well...it's...er...I have no idea what this is to be honest.
So, here's the thing.  I set my throttle, the thruster moves up to match the pin (this could be gradual or pretty instant depending on the mass, and my location to, an astonomical object.  It seems that in Supercruise the thin bar on the left creeps up and overtakes the pin, which then seems to increase my thrusters and the sweet spot.  I'm assuming this happens when I'm well away from astronimical bodies and there is nothing to slow me down.  Question1) Does the thin bar then represent some sort of external force (or absese of force) acting on my thrusters?  Not sure....
Also, whenever you fall into a gravity well at speed, and get the "SLOW DOWN" message, the main thruster seems to go above the pin, even though your speed (shown in "C") decreases.  If I am in fact BEING slowed down by an object, why does my thrust go above the pin and not go below it? (question 2)
I feel I'm missing something here and I'm sure it must make sense, but I cant seem to put my finger on it. 
Question 3) Also, when approaching an astronomical object, I would have thought that I would in fact speed up and not slow down.  I am not a phsics major (or even minor!), but I'm pretty sure sling-shot orbits are a real thing and that an objects speed would increase as it is sucked in.  It almost feels like you are hitting an invisible wall as you apprach an object and your arrival time quite often gets stuck on 6 seconds....
If anyone knows of an article that properly explains the thruster HUD and its interplay with the four elements I've listed, then that would be really helpful.
Many thanks,
CMD Xx_Nanologue_xX
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Ships main page content and formatting (continued)

Since this discussion was originally placed in the wrong namespace and could not be easily moved over here, I've copied the original comments and included them in this post. We should be able to continue where we left off.
The original comments follow:

Clockpuncher (July 30, 2017):
First, shouldn't this be done on the Council of Admirals forum? This page is the main article namespace so it's in the pool of regular content articles and will show up in the search bar. I just want to make sure we're using the correct format on this wiki for settling disputes.
To the discussion: I felt the article was a disorganized jumble with some redundant or irrelevant portions. It needed some updating. My edits were intended to improve overall organization and readability.
Looking at the edit history, the biggest removals I made were a paragraph about outfitting above the outfitting table, the Heritage section, the Unreleased Ships section, and the Faction Ships section.
I merged the Heritage section into the intro (which you may have missed), so that content is still present in the article with some rewording for flow.
The Unreleased Ships section is not needed since there is currently only one ship in development, the Panther Clipper, and the other ships listed there have no confirmation that they'll ever make it into the game. I cut everything but the Panther Clipper and expanded briefly on it in the Upcoming Ships section.
I cut the paragraph about outfitting since there's a whole article about the subject. It was pointless bloat here. This article should only broadly describe the topic of ships in Elite Dangerous anyway, not go in-depth on each ship's specs and module slots. That's what the individual ship articles are for. I was also planning to remove the stat and outfitting tables since they're both redundant and take up a lot of space, but in the end decided to let them be.
I cut the Faction Ships section for a similar reason. More bloat, and identifying which ships require faction ranks to purchase can be done without devoting an entire section to the subject. I accomplished this in the initial table that lists all the ships by bolding the relevant ship names and adding an explanatory sentence above the table.
I wasn't trying to cause any problems, but it seems my intent was not clear from my edits alone. I hope this explains my stance properly.

DNYI (July 30, 2017):
I'll get back to you tomorrow, I've been sick most of the day.

Clockpuncher (July 31, 2017):
Sorry to hear that, take as much time as you need.

SpyTec (July 31, 2017):
Clockpuncher, put this in Council of Admirals forum and I'll remove this article tomorrow (or whenever you do it). Discussions are either on Talk or Forum namespaces
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