AI Relics
Galactic Average Price132,000 CR
Produced by---
Consumed by---

A collection of highly illegal AI remnants. These items are of extreme interest to various shady organisations and remote cults. Their almost mythical status has led to a huge amount of counterfeiting, further inflating the value of items with a clear and proven history. It is uncertain whether any of these pieces actually retain the AI personality that was originally present within.

— In-Game Description

ALERT: AI Relics are illegal in most systems.

AI Relics is a specific item of Salvage in the world of Elite Dangerous.

Can be found in Degraded Signal Sources (Threat Level 3), guarded by 3-5 ships (Anacondas).

For example, AI Relics was found in CD-68 29 system, near A 4 planet, ~1.5Ls from it (2017-01-14).

Source of the following information is the CANONN player group.

How To Obtain: These are found in Strong Signal Sources where Anaconda Pirates use them as a trap. When you attempt to scoop the AI Relic, 2-3 Anacondas will jump in and ambush you. Some dialog occurs when this happens. 

Where To Obtain: Any system, Strong Signal Source.

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