AI Relics
Galactic Average Price132,000 CR
Produced by---
Consumed by---

A collection of highly illegal AI remnants. These items are of extreme interest to various shady organisations and remote cults. Their almost mythical status has led to a huge amount of counterfeiting, further inflating the value of items with a clear and proven history. It is uncertain whether any of these pieces actually retain the AI personality that was originally present within.

— In-Game Description

AI Relics is a specific item of Salvage in the world of Elite Dangerous.

They can be found in Degraded Emissions (Threat Level 3 or 4), and Encoded Emissions (Threat Level 3).[1]

ALERT: AI Relics are illegal in most systems.


AI Relics are found in Strong Signal Sources where Anaconda Pirates use them as a trap. When you attempt to scoop the AI Relic, 2-3 Anacondas will jump in and ambush you. Some dialog occurs when this happens.


AI Relics can be found in any system with Degraded Emissions or Encoded Emissions Signal Sources. Examples of systems where they have been previously found include Maia, Meiri, RR Caeli, Tabaldak, Bunda, CD-68 29, and Xuan Wena.

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