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Coriolis Station Access Corridor

An Access Corridor, colloquially known as a "Mailslot" due to its distinctive shape, is an airlock that serves as the main point of entry for Coriolis, Ocellus, Orbis, and Asteroid Base stations. Access Corridors are approximately 222 meters wide and 52 meters high, and are guarded by Defence Turrets that will open fire on any loitering ships.

360° Roll Edit

This is a table of which ship can perform a 360° roll in the Access Corridor for dire situations.

Ship 360° Roll
Adder Yes
Anaconda No
Asp Explorer Yes
Cobra Yes
Eagle Yes
Federal Dropship No
Fer-de-Lance Yes
Hauler Yes
Imperial Clipper No
Lakon Type-6 Yes
Lakon Type-7 No
Lakon Type-9 Heavy No
Orca No
Python No
Sidewinder Yes
Viper Yes
Vulture Yes

Blast doors Edit

Station with Boeing 747 and Courier

Station with Boeing 747 and Courier

A common misconception of Access Corridors is that their constricting shape is arbitrary, and therefore makes entry into stations more difficult than necessary. In fact, Access Corridors are narrow in order to accommodate blast doors. These blast doors are almost never seen because they are locked open pending a future game update, but on rare occasions a bug can cause them to close and obstruct entry to a station or destroy a CMDR's ship. It is currently unknown what purpose the blast doors will ultimately serve or when they will be fully implemented.[1]

References Edit

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