Controlling FactionAchenar Empire League
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
Population13.0 billion
PowerA Lavigny Duval vector Arissa Lavigny-Duval
TypeExploited system

Imperial capital on Achenar 6d, known as Capitol by the locals. 6c is still known as Conversion though it was terraformed in 2696. 6b was terraformed in 2850 to accommodate the the population explosion which followed. Anyone without the quirky accent of Imperial citizens is shunned, especially if they are from a Federation world.

— In-Game Description

Achenar is the capital system and birthplace of the Empire. The capital planet of the Empire is Achenar 6d, which is also known as Capitol.

To travel into this system players must obtain a permit, by reaching rank Squire with the Imperial Navy.

History Edit

Marlin Duval was a wealthy woman who lead a long expedition across unexplored space and eventually discovered the Achenar system. It was first colonized in the 23rd century and would later be the heart of a galactic superpower, the Empire.

The population of the colony on Achenar lived under idealistic democratic rule with elected Senators who represented the people. After Marlin died in a speeder crash, her brother Henson Duval assumed control. He turned it into the Empire with an elective monarchy and imperial succession.[1]

Indigenous Species of Achenar Edit

The planet Capitol in the Achenar system had alien sentient life. They unintentionally went extinct due to human colonists who brought bacteria to the planet in the middle of the 23rd century. The bacteria were deadly for the indigenous species. There wasn't much appreciation for alien sentient life at the time.

The system of Achenar was chosen for the outdoor world orbiting one of its gas giants, already capable of supporting human life, now known as Capitol. There was already life on the planet and though Duval didn’t know it at the time, one of the few known sentient species watched their landings.[2]

Back then, life was known to be plentiful throughout the galaxy, though it wasn’t appreciated how rare sentient life was. Before long the species was made extinct by the settlers, mainly through imported bacteria. Much later, this extinction would later be used as a pretext for Federal intervention in the system.

System LayoutEdit

References Edit


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