Achievements are currently only available on the Xbox One version of Elite Dangerous.

Challenging Edit

Some achievements are challenging, time consuming and frustrating. It is some of the hardest game completion ever. To get all achievements requires to input roughly 800 hours such as achieve Elite rank and buy 20 ships. Traveling to the center of the galaxy to visit Sagittarius A* is 26,000 light years. It takes about 30 hours for a round trip.[1]

Very few players have all achievements. Ownasaur took 820 hours and 51 minutes to earn a well deserved 1000 gamerscore. His accomplishment means that the completion percentage currently stands at 0.01% for the game.[2]

The Xbox One version has 174 achievements (43 without DLC) with a total of 2850 points.[3][4]

References Edit


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