Achilles Corporation is a robotics and skimmer manufacturer. Achilles is one of the largest mega corporations in the galaxy. They are noted for being the manufacturer of the Stinger-2 Attack Skimmer.

History Edit

Stinger2 closeup

Achilles Corp Stinger-2 attack skimmer

The Achilles Corporation was founded in 2791 in Alioth and quickly established itself as the leading name in computer components and robotic systems, offering products that outperformed those of their competitors by a large margin. Achilles' success allowed it to take on nearly all of the employees from a failed business named Trojan Developments. The corporation became known as the "biggest sharks in the interstellar arena" due to their highly aggressive recruitment and acquisition policies.[1]

In 2853, the Nesbitt Landing scientific research outpost was established by the Achilles Corporation in Alioth with support from scientists and academics from both the Federation and Empire. The Empire withdrew from the project after a detailed study linked the genetic problems of colonists on New California in Alioth to the techniques the Empire had used to terraform the planet in 2612.[1][2]

In 3114, the Achilles Corporation demonstrated their so-called "quinker process" at Nesbitt Landing, which significantly improved robotics production. The Empire deployed their Third Fleet to Alioth to secure the details of this process for themselves, provoking a similar escalation by the Federation and instigating a turbulent proxy war in the system that lasted until 3122.[1][3]

Divisions Edit

Achilles Corporation has four divisions:

  • Aerospace
  • Entertainment
  • Robotics
  • Security


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