Controlling FactionRegulatory State of Ackwada
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire
Population13.0 billion
PowerDenton Patreus vector Denton Patreus
TypeExploited system

Ackwada is an Empire system. It's known for a clash between Lanner's Privateers which was assembled by the Empire at the request of the Rockforth Corporation to defend the system against the Federation.

History Edit

"In 2865, a request from the Rockforth Corporation reached the Emperor for assistance in the Ackwada system against the Federation. At the promise of substantial financial reward a battlegroup was assembled to respond."[1]

"Officially, the appointed leader of this flotilla, one Samuel Lanner, was an independent trader and privateer. The clash between the Federation and Lanner's forces remained limited and the Federal fleet withdrew to Laveack. The Rockforth Corporation paid up as promised and signed a contract with Lanner's privateers to guarantee the defence of the system."

"Seven years later, in 2872 the fleet returned. A clash with Lanner's forces resulted in a stalemate. Using Anaconda transports and Cobra Mark I's, Lanner was able to outmanoeuvre the larger Federal battle group, forcing another retreat. In 2873, Lanner was summoned back to Achenar, Records indicate he departed from Ackwada, but he was never heard from again. A memorial stone was erected in the Hall of Martyrs in his honour."[2]

References Edit

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