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There are a list below of nouns, verbs, etc, that are replaced every now and then by viral words origination from players. The list also consists of irregular words said by NPC's/AI's in the top-left communications panel.

  • AFMU: Auto Field-Maintenance Unit.
  • Boiling: Silent Running near a star or a station orbiting close to a star.
  • Billionaire: Term traditionally used for a player that took advantage of a past major server transaction glitch which caused commodity duplicating where multiple player(s) had obtained 1,000,000,000+ credits.
  • Brick: Lakon Type-6 Transporter ship, for it's appearance looking very similar to the shape of a brick.
  • Buggy: Surface Recon Vehicle.
  • Conda: Short term for an Anaconda. Not to be confused with the F63 Condor, a ship at the other end of the size spectrum.
  • DBS: Short term for the Diamondback Scout.
  • DBX: Short term for the Diamondback Explorer.
  • FDL: Short term for the Fer-de-Lance. Could also be used to refer to Faulcon DeLacy, but isn't typically used to do so.
  • Fed(s): NPC or player allied with the Federation / the Federation itself.
  • Freagle: The free Eagle MkII given to players who pre-ordered Elite Dangerous.
  • Freebooter: A term originally said by authority vessels against a pilot caught doing an illegal action. An illegal plunderer, pillager, or invader.
  • Friendship Drive: Affectionate term for the Frame Shift Drive based on the pronunciation of the ship computer.
  • Griefer: A player who deliberately irritates and harasses other players. See Griefers for more information.
  • Hot soup: Fuel scooped from a star.
  • Imp: An NPC or player allied with the Empire and flying an Imperial vessel.
  • KWS: Short term for Kill Warrant Scanner.
  • Letter box: A term for the airlock slot on a station.
  • Mailslot: Another term for the airlock slot on a station.
  • Noise Machine: An Adder, particularly it's sounds disliked by many players.
  • OC: Orbital cruise.
  • PA: Short term for Plasma Accelerator.
  • PAC: Another term for Plasma Accelerator.
  • Pills: Short term for the narcotics commodity.
  • PSG: Short term for Prismatic Shield Generator.
  • Redbull Can: Deployed mine, cylinder-looking shape.
  • RES: Short term for Resource Extraction Site.
  • Sidey: Short term for a Sidewinder.
  • Space cow: The Lakon Type-9 Heavy.
  • SRV: Surface Recon Vehicle.
  • SSS: Short term for Strong Signal Source.
  • Thirsty: A ship that is low on fuel.
  • Toast rack: The metal frame structure outside of a station's airlock.
  • Trash can: A cargo canister containing scrap, biowaste or other waste commodities.
  • Ugly Duckling: An Adder, compared to the other vessels manufactured by Zorgon Peterson.
  • Useless Dreg: Common insult originally coming from pirates after a scan shows no cargo.
  • USS: Short term for Unidentified Signal Source.
  • Whale: An Orca, for the ship name originating from a whale species.
  • Winder: Another short term for a Sidewinder.
  • WSS: Short term for Weak Signal Source.

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