Admiral Kirby
Character Placeholder
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
OccupationAdmiral of the Federal Navy

Kirby is an admiral of the Federal Navy. He lead a military fleet to the Federal system Kausalya and neutralized an outpost of the insurgent organisation Emperor's Dawn on 16 DEC 3301. The outpost was utterly destroyed and the dissidents routed.

Timeline Edit

16 DEC 3301

  • Federation Triumphs over Emperor's Dawn. Admiral Kirby of the Federal Navy confirmed that the initiative to rout the dissidents had been an unmitigated success: "They were defiant at first, but the battle started to go our way pretty quickly, and the past week has just been a mopping-up exercise, really. I think the Federal Navy Auxiliary made a big difference – when the insurgents saw how many independent pilots we had on our side, their morale took a big hit."[1]

References Edit

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