Admiral Kracer
Character Placeholder
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
OccupationAdmiral of the Federal Navy

Kracer was an admiral of the Federal Navy. In 2854 he lead a Federal fleet which assisted and liberated New California from an Imperial military garrison and Imperial ships. Kracer retired three years later, settled in New California and became the colony leader.[1]

Timeline Edit


  • In 2854 Imperial soldiers instigated martial law on planet New California. They attempted to impose a genetic correction programme on the planet. This was prevented by a coup against the military garrison by a new Caker sect. After the planet was secured the Caker sect sent an appeal to the Federation for assistance. A fierce battle ensued with orbital bombardments by the Imperial Navy. The battle escalated when a Federal fleet lead by Admiral Kracer arrived. Eventually the Imperial ships retreated. Admiral Kracer landed with his marines to cheering crowds in the capital.[1]


  • Kracer retired, settled in New California and became the colony leader.[1]

References Edit

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