Aegis is a multinational research initiative that was founded jointly by scientists from the Federation, Empire, and Alliance. The organization's goal is to pool the three superpowers' scientific expertise to gather further intelligence on the Thargoids and coordinate all future research.[1] Aegis is represented by two minor factions: Aegis Research, based out of Donar's Oak and The Oracle in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55, and Aegis Core, based out of Socho.


The formation of Aegis was announced by Professor Alba Tesreau at a press conference in the Sorbago system on August 4, 3303. With all three superpowers providing financial backing, Aegis established a research outpost of its own in the Pleiades Nebula: the Ocellus station Donar's Oak in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55.[1]

On September 21, 3303, following the destruction of a Federal fleet in the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 system by Thargoids, the three superpowers widened Aegis' remit to focus on defence in addition to research. The organization's budget was also dramatically increased.[2]

Project ParityEdit

That same day, Aegis also announced that it had recruited the Engineers Liz Ryder and Professor Palin to develop new offensive and defensive technologies. Palin's project, designed AG-0001, was a scanner intended to provide meaningful data on Thargoid ships. Ryder's project, designated AG-0002, was a missile launcher that was calibrated to damage the Thargoids. Both Engineers issued a request for Thargoid materials to help them complete their devices.[3] On September 28, the devices, formally named the AX Missile Rack and AX Xeno Scanner, were made available at military, high-tech, and industrial planetary bases across human space.[4][5] Aegis' military liason Admiral Aden Tanner also announced a second initiative to develop anti-Thargoid weapons, which supported the production of AG-0003.[6][7] The second campaign was successful and produced the AX Multi-cannon.[8]

On October 5, 3303, Professor Tesreau announced a third phase of its anti-Thargoid program to produce AG-0004.[9] On October 6th, Aegis' military liaison Admiral Tanner confirmed that in recent days, Federal, Imperial, and civilian ships alike had been targeted and destroyed by Thargoids, and that the aliens were scanning the wreckage and seizing escape pods. Tanner reaffirmed that Aegis was dedicated to unraveling the Thargoids' motives.[10] The third campaign was successful and produced the Remote Release Flak Launcher.[11]

On October 12, it was announced that the fourth phase of Aegis' projects was being overseen by Engineer Elvira Martuuk, who revealed her plans for a device that would protect human ships from the Thargoids' immobilization fields.[12] Meanwhile, an Aegis spokesperson noted that as well as adapting their defenses to human weapons technology, the Thargoids were also rapidly adapting to human strategies and tactics.[13]




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