Alfred Jeffress
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OccupationPhilanthropist, Humanitarian

Alfred Jeffress is a reclusive philanthropist, humanitarian and eccentric billionaire. He made his fortune trading rare and exotic goods. He spent nearly a decade on an extended galactic tour. Jeffress is known for organizing galaxy-wide treasure hunts.

Activities Edit

22 SEP 3301: Alfred Jeffress launched a galaxy-wide treasure hunt for pilots to find a mysterious object which he hid in space. The press release contains this riddle to lead people to the treasure: “A vision of the Devil and Orion’s hounds will start you on your path.” The first person who delivers it to a specified location wins the competition.[1]

04 NOV 3301: "The treasure hunt organised by the billionaire and philanthropist Alfred Jeffress has come to an end, with a pilot by the name of Commander Woodhouse claiming victory. Hundreds of people took part in the competition, but ultimately there could only be one victor." [2]

23 DEC 3301: "The third treasure hunt from eccentric billionaire Alfred Jeffress has come to an unexpected end, with not one but two pilots claiming the grand prize. Commanders MAX RED and Sync Mercy completed the treasure hunt within seconds of each other, prompting Jeffress to declare them both winners." [3]

24 MAR 3302: "Following a long hiatus, reclusive philanthropist Alfred Jeffress has announced a new treasure hunt, and once again he is offering a share of his vast personal fortune to the winner."[4]

29 MAR 3302: "A pilot by the name of Commander Oriza claiming victory. Thousands of people took part in the competition, but ultimately there could only be one victor. As with Jeffress's previous treasure hunts, competitors were required to solve a series of riddles to find the mystery object at the centre of the search – a relic from Earth's past. The clues took pilots to Persephone in the Avalon system, then to Arrhenius Terminal in Bard and finally to the Algol system." [5]

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