Controlling FactionAlioth Independents
AllegianceAlliance vector Alliance
Population10 Billion

The famous capital of the Alliance of Independent Systems. The system was the subject of many battles between the Federation and the Empire over many years, until in 3230 the Alliance was formed in a massed insurrection against both invaders. The Alliance has now spread over many worlds and so Alioth is now an important political centre. Has an ancient name of Epsilon Ursae Majoris.

— In-Game Description

Alioth is the capital system of the Alliance.

Before travelling to this system the player must obtain a permit by gaining a reputation of Allied with the Alioth Independents.

The name Alioth comes from the Arabic word 'alyat'. It means a fat tail of a sheep. This star name was approved by the International Astronomical Union in 2016. It's also named Epsilon Ursae Majoris.[1]

System LayoutEdit

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