Alioth Donaldson and Turner's World

Donaldson and Turner's World. The birthplace of the Alliance of Independent Systems, the spindle of the first of the system's three huge Orbis Stations is in orbit of Turner's World (Alioth 5B).

Turner’s World is the capital planet of the Alliance of Independent Systems.

The Alliance Assembly is located in Garden City on Turner's World. It's close to the old industrial and ship-building city of New Rossyth.

The alliance member systems are represented by their Council Members in Parliament. The Parliament is virtual, but run from Turner’s World in Alioth.

History Edit

Turner's World is named after Mic Turner, the late co-owner of Argent Aerodynamics Amalgamated, Inc. Mic Turner was known as an explorer prodigy specialized in the northern sectors and was one of the founders of the Alliance of Independent Systems when Alioth rose against both the Federation and the Empire. The world is orbited by the Donaldson station, first of the great Orbis-type spindles. The station is controlled by a Pro-Alliance Group.[1]

References Edit


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