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Cobra of the Alliance Defence Force

The Alliance Defence Force is the naval force of the Alliance. They fight for the Alliance in Conflict Zones. As demonstrated in Alliance vs Alliance Minor Faction conflicts, each Alliance minor faction maintains control of their part of the Alliance Defence force.

Lore Edit

"Militarily, co-operation has been more successful. Each member system contributes a portion of its navy to the Alliance Defence Force – the total contribution being proportional to the system's gross domestic product (GDP). It is led by the Council of Admirals, a six-strong body made up of one leader from each of the largest member navies. The council can act swiftly without government approval, which has proved very effective, and over the years there has been little disagreement between the admirals. Contributed vessels generally bear the decals of their own navy, but have an additional Alliance Defence Force decal applied while they are with the group – so the culture of identity and independence (and rivalries) applies here too."[1]

"Barring the small Alliance Defence Force for defending key components of the Alliance Navy to compare with the other major powers. Instead a headquarters organisation exists staffed by the Council of Admirals and their staff. The Alliance Defence Force is essentially a small rapid deployment force made up of ships from the member navies, and is maintained under the command of the Council of Admirals to respond to any crisis - humanitarian and military. In an emergency additional forces would be provided by member navies if the Council of Admirals makes an emergency appeal to the Assembly."[2]

Individuals Edit

Ranks Edit

Gaining a rank with the Alliance Defence Force is not possible, unlike the Federal Navy and Imperial Navy.

References Edit

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  2. Tourist Beacon 114

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