Edmund Mahon

Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon

The Prime Minister of the Alliance of Independent Systems is the head of government of the Alliance. The incumbent Prime Minister is Edmund Mahon.

Alliance leadership is a complex interlocking of systems, committees and power-sharing which some see as a limit on the Prime Minister’s influence.[1] For example, there is also a presidency which moves annually between member systems.[2]

The Prime Minister is elected by the Council Members of the Alliance Assembly. It is the Prime Minister's job to corral them into some sort of consensus which is generally a slow process. Due to much cultural variation the Alliance Assembly rarely gets anything done. This is why the real power rests with the Civil Servants, and the Council of Admirals.[3]

The Prime Minister is elected for six years, but disputes within the Assembly means that the PM often doesn’t make it that long. They can suffer votes against them, often resulting in resignation, or occasionally votes of no confidence. They can serve multiple terms, but none have managed to do so yet.[3]

Residence Edit

The Prime Minister's Office in Garden City on Turner's World is the official place of residence of the Prime Minister.[3]

List of Known Prime Ministers Edit

Name Term Notes
Edmund Mahon Unknown - Present Career politician with a vast understanding of the Alliance political system. Mahon can drive the disparate elements of the Alliance and get things done.

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