Default version
ManufacturerFaulcon DeLacy
Dimensions152.4L - 61.8W - 32.0H
Cost146,969,450 CR
Insurance7,348,472 CR
Top Speed183 m/s
Boost Speed244 m/s
Shields362 MJ
Hull Mass400 t
Cargo Capacity114 t
Fuel Capacity32 t
Unladen Jump Range9.41 ly
Landing Pad SizeLarge
Hardpoints8x Utility Mounts
2x Small Hardpoints
2x Medium Hardpoints
3x Large Hardpoints
1x Huge Hardpoint
Internals1x Size 2 Compartment
3x Size 4 Compartments
3x Size 5 Compartments
3x Size 6 Compartments
1x Size 7 Compartment
1x Size 5 Military Compartment
Maximum/Upgraded versions
Jump Range41.45 ly
Top Speed209 m/s
Top Boost279 m/s
Cargo Capacity468 t
Ship values
Mass lock factor23

The Anaconda is the pride of Faulcon deLacy's ship yards. The design was first manufactured in 2856 by RimLiner Galactic. After numerous mergers the template was eventually owned by Faulcon deLacy, who have made only minor changes to the classic design. The Anaconda is a versatile craft that can transport large cargos as well as pack a decent punch. Some smaller navies use the Anaconda in the light cruiser and frigate roles. The Anaconda can also be upgraded with a docking bay allowing small fighters up to Sidewinder size to be carried and launched.

— In-Game Description

The Anaconda is a ponderous yet highly versatile vessel that excels in multiple roles. At a cost of over 146 million Credits, it is the third most expensive ship in Elite Dangerous, behind only the Federal Corvette and the Imperial Cutter. While the Federal Corvette is specialized for combat, and the Imperial Cutter has the highest cargo capacity of all ships, the Anaconda can be competitively adapted for combat or trading as necessary. It is also good for long distance journeys because of its great range without needing refuelling.


The Anaconda's bridge is located on the top of the ship roughly at its midpoint. The pilot's station is positioned at the center of the bridge, with 2 co-pilot seats on either side. The canopy offers a wide horizontal field of view (more than 180 degrees), however the canopy's widths are tapered off to either side, limiting vertical field of view. The ship's nose also obstructs view underneath the ship. In a combat scenario, 2 large hardpoints and 2 utility mounts are deployed directly in front of the bridge, which can obstruct the pilot's view when they fire.

Boasting an array of weapon hardpoints, the Anaconda is a formidable combat ship capable of holding its own against multiple opponents. It, the Fer-de-Lance, the Federal Corvette, and the Imperial Cutter are the only ships capable of equipping the powerful Class 4 weaponry. The weapon hardpoint locations are as follows: Two Class 3 Large hardpoints top mounted side-by-side to each other in front of the cockpit and about 1/3 the ship length back from the front tip with slightly blocked aft line of sight. One Class 2 Medium hardpoint side mounted on each side near the front tip of the ship (2x Class 2 medium hardpoints total) with decent lines of sight. One Class 3 Large hardpoint mounted on the underside of the ship, near the tip of the ship, with somewhat blocked aft line of sight. One Class 4 Huge hardpoint mounted on the underside of the ship at about 1/3 of the ship length back from the front tip, mounted slightly lower than the underside class 3 hardpoint, with nearly uninterrupted forward and below lines of sight and somewhat blocked aft lines of sight. Two Class 1 Small hardpoints mounted on the underside of the ship, side-by-side to each other, at the very back of the rectangular Cargo bay area, with nearly uninterrupted lines of sight in all underside directions but have limited firing arc convergence with the top mounted hardpoints, namely in front of the ship. As of the release of Horizons: Guardians it became one of the 7 ships compatible with fighter hangar module for docking ship-launched fighters.

Defensively, the Anaconda is extremely sturdy when customized for survivability. It has 8 utility mounts, the highest amount of any ship in the game; and its potent Class 8 power plant allows a Shield Generator, a Shield Cell Bank and multiple Shield Boosters to be activated simultaneously and still have enough leftover to power the weapons and other systems. Even should the shield fail, the Anaconda has a base armor hitpoint of 945, the highest of any ship in the game, and the large number of optional internal compartments give plenty of room to install Hull Reinforcement Packages or Module Reinforcement Packages to stack even more protection. Last but not least, should the need to retreat arise, the Anaconda has a mass lock factor of 23, meaning most ships would not be able to slow down its FSD charging process.

The Anaconda is also a popular choice for explorers, since its hull is relatively light considering its massive size, and it has a class 6 internal module slot for the Frame Shift Drive, allowing it to achieve moderate jump range. Its jump range is not as great as dedicated exploration vessels such as the Diamondback Explorer, but it can cover a much greater distance before needing to refuel, thus making it overall faster on long journeys. Explorers can also use the high number of optional internal compartments to accommodate the various modules needed for exploration such as scanners, fuel scoop and Auto Field-Maintenance Units.

Some wealthy traders also make use of the Anaconda due to its high jump range, enormous cargo capacity (up to 468T of cargo, a figure surpassed only by the Lakon Type-9 Heavy, the Federal Corvette, and the Imperial Cutter), and superb defensive capabilities.

Overall the Anaconda is ideal for veteran pilots of all trades who have a large sum of credits at their disposal but don't have high rankings with either of the superpowers. The only downsides of the ship are its sub par speed and maneuverability, as well as the cost to upgrade and maintain the ship: prices for less essential modules will easily exceed 1 million credits, whereas more important modules are priced in the tens or hundreds of millions of credits each. The repair fees for the Anaconda are also relatively high, since repair costs are calculated based on the purchase price of the ship and its modules. It is usually cheaper to repair an Anaconda's modules using an Auto Field-Maintenance Unit.

Due to the location of the Cargo Hatch on the Anaconda, deploying an SRV from Horizons will cause the SRV to fall the distance to the ground, or in the case of boarding it will cause the SRV to float upwards. Due to the Hatch location it can also be difficult to get the SRV in the correct position to board, transfer cargo, etc.

The Anaconda has an available 16 piece cosmetic Ship Kit that can be purchased from the Frontier store which allows you to "remodel your ship in your personal style". The ship kit does not affect gameplay.

Purchase LocationsEdit

System Station Date Seen Price Additional Notes
LHS 20 OHM City 2017-16-02 124,924,034cr 15% Discount
Chertan Elgin Hub 2017-15-09 146,969,451cr
LP 356-106 Carrier Dock Oct 09, 2017 124,924,034cr 15% Discount
72 Ophiuchi Gerst Gateway 2016-01-01
Alioth Irkutsk 2015-06-27
Altair Solo Orbitter 2016-01-12 146,969,451cr
Amenta Eggen Dock 2016-01-05
Arangorii Watt Enterprise 2014-12-31
Asellus Primus Beagle 2 Landing Beta 3
Asphodel Saaviks Sanctuary 2015-05-12
Arimil Pippin Dock 2016-02-27 15% Discount
Arjung Hiyya Orbital 2016-08-23 15% Discount
Aulin Aulin Enterprise 2015-04-11
BD-11 4932 Morukov Station 2016-01-08
Beta-1 Tucanae Adams Orbital 2015-01-03
Bhal Armstrong Enterprise 2016-08-07 146,969,451cr
Capukanga Melnick Station 2017-01-15 15% Discount
CD-49 1643 Piaget Horizons 2015-02-22
CF 464 Bartini Enterprise 2015-05-12
Corngari Tedin Station 2015-04-13
Cupis Boodt Terminal 2015-04-19
Dazhbogati Lawson Terminal 2015-02-07
Diaguandri Ray Gateway Oct 09, 2017 124,924,034cr 15% Discount
Dinda Mount Sunday 2016-06-01 15% Discount
Dvorsi Chernykh Ring 2015-10-02
Ditibi Volk Enterprise 2015-06-11
Ehecatl Hackworth Orbital 2016-04-25
Eshu Shajn Terminal 2015-03-16
Faust 68 Slipher Hub 2015-03-18
Feldr Musabayev Station 2017-04-15
FK5 2550 Wundt Gateway Gamma 1.05
Freng Bear City 2016-04-03 146,969,451cr
Fusang Cleve Vision 2015-05-06
G 181-6 Polansky Enterprise Gamma 1.05
Guathiti Messier Port 2016-04-20
HIP 91187 Thompsen Port
HIP 96854 Dowie Port 2015-01-11
HIP 107385 Winthrop Enterprise 2015-05-22
HDS 1879 Shaikh Dock 2015-04-25
Huang Gun Pittendreigh City 2015-17-06
Huokang Steiner City
Ipilaqa Furuta Orbital 2015-04-11
Isleta Olsen Station
Jaakari Haxel Orbital 2015-01-10
Kaiakul Barlowe Station 2015-04-26
Keliuona Wenzel City 2015-08-19
Kolaga Britnev Hub 2017-10-15 124,924,034 15% Discount
Kumata Vishweswarayya Enterprise 2015-01-01
LFT 1748 Otiman Dock 2015-05-31
LHS 115 Aleksandrov Gateway 2015-12-20
LHS 134 Alas City 2015-07-12
LHS 1393 Wyeth Dock 2015-12-05
LHS 371 Pawelczyk Orbital 2016-01-21
LHS 531 Nelson Terminal 2015-05-17
LHS 2764A Low Orbital Gamma 1.05
LHS 20 OHM City 2017-09-17 124,924,034 15% Discount
Lidpar Carlisle Station 2017-03-26
LP 908-11 So-Yeon City 2014-12-29
LP 940-115 May City 2015-01-02
LTT 7548 Boltzmann Gateway 2015-08-07
LTT 15449 Binet port 2015-02-20
Maljenni Bowsersox Enterprise 2015-04-12
MCC 858 Jacquard Orbital Beta 3
Minerva Towarnicki

Starlace Station

Oct 09, 2017


15% discount

Mizar Judson Station Gamma 1.05
Namab Shepard Dock 2015-05-23
Neto Ising Vision 2016-04-02
Nganji Christian Dock

Vizcaino Enterprise

Okinura Fisher Terminal 2016-02-23
Opila Temple Dock 2015-01-03
Orang Dilworth City 2016-01-10
Pathan Hertz Station 2017-03-26 124,924,034 15% discount
Qama Thurston Ring 2017-09-29 15% discount
Rangtei Lindblad Ring 2015-04-30
Rauta 1st station 2015-06-09
ROSS 750 Holdstock Hub 2015-03-22
Seleru Bao Leinster Ring 2016-10-11 124,924,034cr 15% discount
Sharakha Narita Station 2015-05-25
Socho Dantec Enterprise 2015-01-16
Songzi Van Der Riet Woolley Vision 2015-05-24
Thoth Trevithick Orbital
Turir Brooks Terminal
Urvane Lee Dock 2016-01-02
Vaka Zenbei Oribital
V491 Persei Rand City 2016-01-16 15% discount
Warigua Weyne Co-Operative
Wodiwodi Polansky City 2017-30-08 124,924,034cr 15% Discount
Wolf 865 McCulley Ring 2015-01-11
Wolf 896 Herbert Dock 2017-01-01 146,969,451
Wuru Schuster Hub 2015-04-30
Yakabugai Serebrov Orbital 2017-04-15
Zaonce Ridley Scott 2015-04-20
Zaragas Jenner Hub 2015-01-22
Zibal Hire Port 2015-07-20
Fire Fade Tsiolkovsky Ring 2016-06-05
Pienate Walz Ring 2015-09-19
Lalande 4268 Lowry Ring 2016-10-24 124,924,034cr 15% discount
Zosia Sharp Enterprise 2016-07-28 146,969,541cr
Gamma Apodis Vess Gateway 2017-03-30


Main article: Outfitting

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Anaconda.

Category Default System Default Rating Default Class Max Class
Small Hardpoint Pulse Laser F 1 1
Pulse Laser F 1 1
Medium Hardpoint Empty -- -- 2
Empty -- -- 2
Large Hardpoint Empty -- -- 3
Empty -- -- 3
Empty -- -- 3
Huge Hardpoint Empty -- -- 4
Utility Mount Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Bulkheads Lightweight Alloys I 1 1
Reactor Bay Power Plant E 8 8
Thrusters Mounting Thrusters E 7 7
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive E 6 6
Environment Control Life Support E 5 5
Power Coupling Power Distributor E 8 8
Sensor Suite Sensors E 8 8
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x32] C 5 5
Internal Compartments Cargo Rack [x64] E 6 7
Cargo Rack [x32] E 5 6
Shield Generator E 6 6
Empty -- -- 6
Cargo Rack [x16] E 4 5
Empty -- -- 5
Empty -- -- 5
Empty [m] -- -- 5
Empty -- -- 4
Empty -- -- 4
BDS E 1 4
Cargo Rack [x2] E 1 2




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