Anders Blaine is a senator of the Empire and Chancellor to the Emperor. He's a long-term friend and stalwart supporter of former Emperor Hengist Duval. During the succession period, Blaine gave his support to Arissa Lavigny-Duval to become the new Emperor.[1] As Chancellor, Blaine held press conferences for the Emperor at the Imperial Palace and Hall of Martyrs on Capitol. Blaine was the primary administrator of the Facece system.

In 3283, Anders Blaine, Senator of Facece was secretly invited to Achenar. It was clear, Hengist Duval's interest in politics had waned. Blaine was made Chancellor by Imperial decree.[2]

Activities Edit

Official Period of Mourning Begins 06 AUG 3301 [3]

After Emperor Hengist Duval's death, Chancellor Anders Blaine held a press conference in front of the entrance to the Hall of Martyrs and declared the beginning of the official period of mourning for Emperor Hengist Duval:

“It is my solemn duty to officially mark the first day of the four-week period of mourning for our beloved Emperor. As is customary, the body of the Emperor will be placed in the vestibule of the Hall of Martyrs for public viewing and the paying of respect.”

Scandal Rocks Chancellor Anders Blaine 02 OCT 3301 [4]

Princess Aisling revealed that some of Chancellor Anders Blaine's past advisors were connected to the same members of Emperor's Dawn as Patron Damon Clarke. However, she has not yet released evidence of the connections. Chancellor Anders Blaine denied all knowledge of any connection, and refused to comment further.

Senate Declares Arissa Lavigny-Duval Emperor 06 OCT 3301 [5]

On 06 OCT 3301, Chancellor Blaine announced the Senate's decision on the Emperor's succession to be Arissa Lavigny-Duval with a clear majority vote.

Empire to Retake Facece 04 FEB 3302 [6]

The Facece system is the second most important system in Imperial space. It was occupied by an independent faction known as the Allied Facece Order. When pressed on the issue by Colm Tornquist of the Imperial Herald, Blaine announced plans to retake the system:

"I apologise for what some have perceived as a lack of alacrity. I know the Imperial people are eager to see these opportunists removed from Imperial space, but it was essential that we plan our operation carefully to minimise the danger to the people of Facece. Now the planning is over, and order will soon be restored. I implore the people of Facece to remain calm. And to the Allied Facece Order I say this: your days are numbered."

References Edit

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