Archon Delaine vector Archon Delaine
Archon Delaine
AllegianceKumo Crew
OccupationPirate King
Galactic StandingDecrease 10
Command CapitalSteady 3186 CC
PreparationEthos Combat Combat
ExpansionEthos Combat Combat
ControlEthos Social Social

If you're not part of the Kumo Crew then you are nobody.

— Archon Delaine's Kumo Crew

Known as the "Pirate King," Archon Delaine rose to power at age 15 and since then has begun to build the Kumo Crew into an influential criminal syndicate. In the past Archon and his crew have been active only in the Pegasi sector, but there are reports of Kumo Crew members expanding into new areas.


YEAR 3264 - 3301

  • Defeated all competing pirate crews in the Pegasi sector and turned the Kumo Crew into one of the most influential criminal syndicates in the galaxy.[1]

YEAR 3264

  • Archon becomes Pirate Lord at age 15 after brutally beating his predecessor to death.[1]


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