Asteroid Base 2.3 beta

The Asteroid Base "Stargazer" in Pleione

An Asteroid Base is a station built inside a large, hollowed asteroid. They're located in various deep space locations such as nebula.

Asteroid Bases hold 4 small landing pads, 8 medium landing pads, and 6 large landing pads. While they rotate like other station types, the rate of rotation is noticeably slower. Available services vary between Asteroid Bases; some are fully-equipped, others have only the most basic services like refueling and repair.

Known Asteroid BasesEdit

At least 35 Asteroid Bases were added with update 2.3.[1]

Name Location Services
Attenborough's Watch Lagoon Sector FW-W d1-122 No shipyard, Repair, Passenger and Mission Board
Base Camp Soul Sector EL-Y d7 No shipyard, No outfitting, Yes re-stock, repair
Beta Site Jellyfish Sector FB-X c1-5 No shipyard
Darwin Research Facility California Sector BV-Y c7 No shipyard
Eagle Sector Secure Facility Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105 Repair, re-stock, Passenger and Mission Board, Market, Crew Lounge, Cartographics
Elephant's Trunk Mine GM Cephei No shipyard
Farsight Expedition Base Heart Sector IR-V b2-0 No shipyard, No outfitting, Yes re-stock, repair
Flaming Star Logistics Centre Flaming Star Sector LX-T b3-0 No shipyard, Yes outfitting
Freeholm Artemis No shipyard
Gorgon Research Facility NGC 7822 Sector BQ-Y d12 No shipyard
Harvard Base HIP 83506 Yes Outfitting, Mission board, Passenger board, Market
Hell Port Seagull Sector DL-Y d3 Yes shipyard, Outfitting, Mission board, Passenger board, Cartographics
Hind Mine T Tauri Yes shipyard
Iris Vacations FW Cephei No shipyard
Jack's Town Felkan Yes Shipyard
Lemmy's Rock HIP 96456
Mammon Monitoring Facility Mammon No Shipyard
Medusa's Rock Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8 No shipyard, yes outfitting, Black Marked
Mitzi's Den Runo Yes shipyard
Morgan's Rock NGC 6188 Sector LC-V c2-28
New Beginning Rosette Sector CQ-Y d59 No shipyard, yes repair, yes outfitting, yes restock, yes Cartographics
New Growth Pencil Sector EL-Y d5 Yes shipyard
Observation Post Epsilon Trifid Sector IR-W d1-52 No shipyard, Repair, Passenger and Mission Board
Omega Mining Operation Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 Black Market, Outfitting, Repair, Passenger and Mission Board
Orion Nebula Tourist Centre PMD2009 48 Yes shipyard,

outfitting, black-market

Pirate's Lament HIP 17519 No shipyard, Yes outfitting
Ring Mine 2MASS J03291977+3124572 No shipyard
Sadr Logistics Depot Sadr Region Sector GW-W c1-22 No shipyard, no outfitting, no black market

Yes advanced maintenance

Sagan Research Centre Thor's Helmet Sector FB-X c1-5 No shipyard
Sisters' Refuge HIP 16813 Yes shipyard
Stargazer Pleione No shipyard
Station X Crab Sector DL-Y d9 No shipyard
TolaGarf's Junkyard Eol Prou LW-L c8-215 Market, outfitting, restock, refuel, shipyard and repair.
Warinus Lave
Witch Head Science Centre HIP 23759 No shipyard

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