An alternative shield generator that sacrifices shield strength for a much faster recharge rate.

— In-game description

The Bi-Weave Shield Generator (BWSG) is an alternative shield generator that sacrifices total shield capacity for faster recharging. Added in 1.5/2.0, the capacity of this type of shields is roughly equivalent to a D-rated shield generator of the same class. However, it recharges itself 2.4x times as fast as a normal shield generator does, although the power draw from the SYS capacitor is multiplied as well.

Variants Edit

Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Hull Mass
Hull Mass
1 C 1.30 A 1.200 25.0 63.0 7,713
2 C 2.50 A 1.500 55.0 138.0 26,705
3 C 5.00 A 1.800 165.0 413.0 84,653
4 C 10.00 A 2.200 285.0 713.0 268,347
5 C 20.00 A 2.600 405.0 1,013.0 850,659
6 C 40.00 A 3.100 540.0 1,350.0 2,696,589
7 C 80.00 A 3.500 1,060.0 2,650.0 8,548,200
8 C 160.00 A 4.000 1,800.0 4,500.0 27,097,750

Notes Edit

  • Since shield boosters do not affect the recharge rate, they can be used to make up for the difference in overall shield strength, provided that the ship has enough power/utility mounts.
  • Bi-weave shields show pink colour when hit, which allows for an easy shield type identification, much like PSG.
  • The only possible rating for bi-weave shields is C.


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