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Black Market Access

Accessing the Black Market

Black Market Screen

Selling your stolen and illegal goods

Some starports offer a black market. This is additional to the Commodities Market and is the only place where stolen goods and/or illegal goods can be traded.

The black market can be found in the contacts menu of starport services, but only where it is available – not every starport supports black market trade. To find out whether specific station has the black market, open system map, select the station and check if Black Market is listed under the Facilities entry.

Prices on the black market can vary greatly, depending on the goods and system.

Carrying stolen goods and/or illegal goods can be a dangerous pastime. Authorities, and other players, will often scan the cargo of ships to see if they are carrying any stolen and/or illegal goods. Being cargo scanned whilst carrying such items may incur a bounty, or a fine from the starport authorities.


Commodity Sale Price (CR)
AI Relics 108,000
Scientific samples 101,000
Painite 27,000
Motrona Experience "Jelly" 13,130-15,886
Platinum 8,700
Geawen Dance Dust 8,618
Burnham Bile Distillate 8,446-12,300
Pavonis Ear Grubs 8,365
Large Survey Data Cache 7,860
Slaves 5,900-11,500
Battle Weapons 5,700
Tobacco 2,410 - 5,100
Gold 4,600-7,700
Personal Weapons 4,500
Prototype Tech 4,100-6,200
Beryllium 3,800-4,300
Progenitor Cells 3,500
Performance Enhancers 3,400
Superconductors 3,200
Consumer Technology 3,200
Black Box 3,000-4,500
Rare Artwork 3,000-4,500
Occupied Escape Pod 3,000
Indium 2,800
Military Plans 2,700-6,000
Resonating Separators 2,700
Gallium 2,600
Ancient Artefact 2,500-4,500
Technical Blueprints 2,300-3,400
Combat Stabiliser 2,100
Silver 2,100
Marine Equipment 2,000-2,800
Bertrandite 1,700
Auto-Fabricators 1,600
Reactive Armour 1,500
Indite 1,500
Uranium 1,400
Rebel Transmissions 1,400-2,000
Sugar 1,300
Experimental Chemicals 1,300-1,900
Crop Harvester 1,000
Trade Data 1,450
Tea 790
Coffee 700-1,200
Animal Meat 700
Gallite 680-1,300
Crisis gas Grenades 600
Uraninite 570
Coltan 520
Titanium 400-540
Agri-Medicines 440
Liquor 380-660
Encrypted Data Storage 350
Power Generators 330
Bioreducing Lichen 300
Cobalt 290-640
Domestic Appliances 270
Lepidolite 210
Natural Fabrics 200
Mineral Extractor 200
Fish 190
Copper 190
Computer Components 175
Basic Medicines 170
Fruit and Vegetables 153
Explosives 145
Narcotic 142
Personal Effects 135
HE Suits 129
Commercial Samples 120
Aluminium 116
Pesticide 99
Aquaponic Systems 90-130
Grain 90
Synthetic Fabrics 245
Leather 71
Beer 71
Chemical Waste 126
Energy Drink 29
Mineral Oil 255
Wine 50-193
Narcotics 33
Toxic Waste 84
Tantalum 1,863
Radioactive Materials 14
Bauxite 10-80
Bio Waste 8
Food Cartridges 7
Algae 200
Microbial Furnaces 94

Third-party black market findersEdit

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