The Bleia Sector Theory is a theory of possible alien life or Thargoids located at the Bleia sector which can be found on the opposite side of the galaxy where human-colonized space is.

It is not yet known to be a hoax or a fact and originally started when an anonymous group of players had encountered the Bleia space while exploring. They reported a surprisingly higher rate of permit-required systems, ammonia planets and other planets with ammonia atmospheres, "stuck in hyperspace" happenings, "dot following movement" happenings, mysterious distant objects and sightings, and even a much higher rate of finding Unknown Artefacts super-cruise signals in such far away, non-human colonized space.[citation needed]

BLEIA Permit Sector Location Edit

Using the galaxy map, the area can be found by typing BLEIA into the navigation search panel and hitting the search button. It will settle on one of the systems in the sector. A significant number of the nearby systems require an "unknown permit".

Exploration Edit

So far it appears that there are no System Signal Sources in the area, suggesting that perhaps the reports on Unknown Artefact events in the area have been exaggerated.[1]

Theory Status Edit

  • Significantly high density of permit only systems - CONFIRMED
    • Verifiable by inspection on galaxy map (see BLEIA Permit Sector Location above), and supporting exploration log by Cmdr Seamus Harper[1]
  • Higher than usual density of ammonia worlds - UNVERIFIED
  • "Stuck in hyperspace" occurrences - UNVERIFIED
    • Possibly refers to server timeouts?
  • Dot following movements - UNVERIFIED
    • Possibly refers to graphical artefacts sometimes reported in systems with black holes
  • Mysterious distant objects and sightings - UNVERIFIED
  • Unknown Artefact signal sources - NONE FOUND
    • See exploration section above. No signal sources have been found so far.

References Edit

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