Borasetani Pathogenetics
ClassificationRare Commodity
Galactic Average Price13,679 CR
Rare allocation6-10 t
Produced by---
Consumed by---
LocationKatzenstein Terminal, Borasetani

These tiny crawling creatures have been called a lab in a bag. They exude tailored biological agents that adapt and mutate to overcome the defenses of their enemies. When deployed in large numbers they resemble a viscious yellow goo that slowly crawls over their victim devouring them completely. When there are no further nutrients to absorb the insects bocome dormant and can be recovered by specialy trained teams to be used again.

— In-Game Description

Borasetani Parthogenetics are a type of rare weapon in the world of Elite Dangerous. They are a rare commodity, so increase in value the further you take them from their point of purchase.

Borasetani Parthogenetics are currently available once again in the Borasetani system, after a civil war overthrew the Labour of Borasetani who had banned them. Borasetani Parthogenetics were back on the market when the Borasetani Syndicate took control of the Katzenstein Terminal.