Anaconda bounty

A Bounty can be incurred by shooting (either accidentally or deliberately) another player or NPC who is not wanted, or by letting a fine expire. A bounty will mark the player as "WANTED," which allows other players and security vessels to shoot the player on sight and collect the bounty. Once the player has incurred a bounty, a "WANTED" notification will be displayed in the HUD over the ship's signature. Bounties have regional limitations. Any bounties in the current jurisdiction show up on normal ship scans (and will display as "WANTED"), but other bounties imposed by other jurisdictions will not show up unless a Kill Warrant Scanner is used to scan the target ship. Keep in mind that if a target has a bounty from another jurisdiction, but is not wanted in the current system, then attacking that target is considered hostile and will incur a bounty on the shooter (except in an Anarchy system). Some players will bait bounty hunters by advertising their wanted status, bounty, and location and then wait in a small cheap ship for destruction, gifting large sums to the collector; others may use a Sidewinder set to self-destruct.


Fines can be incurred by breaking any docking rules, failing to deliver a mission in the allotted time, or attempting to smuggle stolen goods.

To pay off a fine, the player must visit a station in which the fine-issuing faction is present. Activate Starport Services from your ship's HUD, then select "Contacts". Your fines will be listed by the Local Security Office and can be paid off there.

If the player does not pay off a fine before it expires (7 days) then the fine will turn into a bounty.

If the player is killed all current fines become legacy fines.

Fines can be seen under the "Transactions" tab on the ship's left side menu.

Removing a BountyEdit

If you have accidentally shot a law enforcement ship, or committed an infraction where the Bounty states "ON H-JUMP" in the "Transactions" tab, jump out of the system and back into the system. The WANTED status will be removed and will be turned into a legacy fine which you can pay off at a space station.

The Transactions display tab (left HUD) will display a list of all active bounties incurred across all jurisdictions. Since the Powerplay update, commanders can no longer pay off their bounties but instead must wait for them to expire. Once the bounty has expired it will become dormant. A dormant bounty will not be displayed to other players or jurisdictions.[1] A dormant bounty can be reactivated if the player is scanned by an NPC from the jurisdiction that issued the dormant bounty, or if the player commits a further crime in the jurisdiction that issued the dormant bounty. If the dormant bounty is detected in either of these ways within seven days it will become an active bounty again with a new seven day timer. If a dormant bounty is not detected within seven days then it is removed and becomes a legacy fine.

If, however, your ship is destroyed before the bounty becomes dormant then the following happens: If another ship detects the bounty and destroys you then the bounty is claimed and removed. If your ship is destroyed but the bounty is not detected, then the bounty becomes dormant (as above) immediately and can only be detected by authority scans by agents of the jurisdiction in which the bounty was gained.

Since dying is effectively an instant way to remove a bounty, in a lot of situations it becomes more efficient to just buy a cheap Sidewinder and get killed to remove the bounty. To do this:

  1. Turn in any combat bonds, bounty vouchers, cartographics and cargo you carry, as this will be lost when destroyed!
  2. Buy a new Sidewinder (storing your current ship at the station you're at).
  3. Let another Player or NPC kill you (you don't have to be killed by another CMDR to get your bounty removed, if an NPC scans and kills you the bounty will be removed too).
  4. Respawn in the insured Sidewinder at the station you were at (with bounty now removed), NOT the starting location free sidewinder.
  5. Retrieve your old ship.
  6. Sell the Sidewinder.

For removing high bounties this method is actually more cost efficient than the now non-functional repaying of whole bounty sum (since it just sets you back the re-sale loss of a Sidewinder), and it's much faster than waiting for 7 days.

Legacy Fine Edit

All bounties incurred by the player eventually become legacy fines within the jurisdiction in which the bounty was gained. When a bounty is removed, for whatever reason, it is added as a legacy fine for the same amount and for the same jurisdiction. Legacy fines never expire and are automatically added to the rebuy cost if you restart in a station or outpost owned by that minor faction.

Legacy fines can be paid off at any station within the jurisdiction of the issuing minor faction.

Legacy Fines can also be paid off using the Interstellar Factors Contact. Do note that this method usually has an extra fee attached to it, so it is more expensive than paying the fine off at a station within the jurisdiction of the issuing faction.

Claiming a BountyEdit

If the player destroys a ship with a bounty on its head, the bounty will then be transferred into the player ship's computer. All of the collected bounties can be viewed in the Transactions tab (left HUD). To claim the bounty the player must fly to a station under the jurisdiction of the faction that the bounties are registered with. Once docked the player must go to the Contacts section of the Station Services and choose to claim the bounties.

Players can also make use of the Interstellar Factors Contact to claim bounties. This will however have a fee attached to it, so players will get less credits than if they claim the bounty within the jurisdiction of the issuing faction .

If your ship is destroyed, all unclaimed bounties that have not been cashed in at a station will be lost.


  • Major factions don't record crimes any more, only minor factions.Version 1.03
  • When a bounty's timer wears off while you are still in the system you committed it in, the timer changes from a counter to showing 'ON H-JUMP'. Leave and return to the system; it will be converted to a legacy fine you can pay off.
  • When a fine turns into a bounty the bounty will be active in all systems controlled by the faction who issued the bounty.
  • See flowchart of fines & bounties [2]


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