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Standard protection against all types of attack.

— In-game description

All ships in Elite use bulkheads to protect their hulls. This is your main form of defense should your shields fail. There are three general types of bulkheads, in increasing order of protection:

The more heavily armoured bulkheads are also heavier, however. It's unclear if this affects ship handling, but it may in different versions of the game. It most certainly increases the ship's mass and therefore cuts into its jump-range when travelling between systems.

General types of bulkheads will increase the base health of your ship.[1]

In addition, there are two types of specialty bulkheads:

Specialty bulkheads will increase the base health of your ship, but also change the percentage of damage taken from specific types of damage, including damage done to modules.[2]

Hull strength is used in determining the chance of weapons penetrating the hull and hitting any modules in the projectile's path. The more damaged a hull is, the higher the chance of weapons penetrating the hull. A more heavily armored ship therefore take less module damage through penetrating hits, but be equally vulnerable to direct module hits as a ship with less armor.[3]

Bulkheads are available for purchase at outfitters throughout civilized space. However, no bulkheads will be available to purchase for a particular ship if it is not also sold at that location's shipyard.

Stats Edit

Hull boost Kinetic resistance Thermal resistance Explosive resistance
Lighweight alloy +80% -20% 0% -40%
Reinforced alloy +152% -20% 0% -40%
Military grade composite +250% -20% 0% -40%
Mirrored surface composite +250% -75% 50% -50%
Reactive surface composite +250% 25% -40% 20%

Engineer Modifications Edit

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance it's abilities:


References Edit


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