CD-43 11917
Controlling FactionCQC Holdings
TypeControlled system

CD-43 11917 is the home of elite pilots of CQC, the Prestiges.

It's a Permit system accessible only after taking the option to "Prestige" in CQC. This resets all levels in return for granting the "CQC World Permit" and a new level icon. The economy is high tech (military) and the controlling faction is CQC Holdings.[1]

Ares is the main Earth-like planet in the system. It's committed to the god of war.

CD-43 11917 is notable due to containing the Attilius Orbital Station, which is the only station other than Shinrata Dehzra's Jameson Memorial which stocks every commonly purchasable module in the game.

Attilius Orbital also offer discounts on many weapons and combat-specialist ships. Most notable is a 20% discount on Fer-de-Lance purchases.

System LayoutEdit

  • TBD


  • The hangar displayed on the VR Menu screen seems to be located CD-43 11917's Attilius Orbital.

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