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These are the loadout options available for the Imperial Fighter in the CQC Championship.

The Imperial Fighter is available in Loadout 4 which is unlocked at rank 4, Loadout 8 which is unlocked at rank 20, and Loadout 12 which is unlocked at rank 32.


Weapon Damage [nb 1] ROF DPS [nb 1] Thermal Load [nb 1] Ammo Clip Size Ammo Maximum Unlocked at Rank
Burst Laser - - Default
Rapid Cannon 30 100 10
Heat Beam - - 26
Pulse Laser - - 40
Plasma Repeater 30 2,100 42

Utility Mount Edit

Module Unlocked at Rank
Chaff Launcher Default
Shield Booster 20
Silent Running 27
Armour Booster 49

Power Coupling Edit

Module Unlocked at Rank
Power Distributor Default
Engine Power 18
Systems Power 37
Weapons Power 47

Bulkheads Edit

Module Unlocked at Rank
Armour Default
Capacity Armour 15

Boost Diverter Edit

Module Unlocked at Rank
Boost Diverter Default
Efficiency Enhanced Boost 23
Super Boost Diverter 44

Internal Compartment Edit

Module Unlocked at Rank
Shield Generator Default
Overcharge Shields 13
Hyper Charge Shields 29
Single Cycle Shields 37

Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 These values are estimated from bar displays.

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