Wpn c3 cannon

Class 3 Cannon

Cannons are better equipped to punch through the hull of larger and more robust ships compared to other weapons of similar size.

— In-Game Description

The cannon is a projectile based weapon that fires large calibre rounds very similar to current day howitzers, dealing kinetic damage and can inflict significant damage to targeted modules and the modules around it.

Comparing cannons with multi-cannons, both deal kinetic damage and have similar damage per second, but only multi-cannon has a damage drop-off at longer ranges. However, the cannon's projectile speed is lower than that of the multi-cannons, with turreted and gimballed cannons having the lowest projectile speeds and fixed cannons having a slightly higher projectile speed that is still lower than the multi-cannon's. Pilots are therefore recommended against installing both fixed cannons and fixed multi-cannons on the same ship, since the 2 weapons' shots would have to be led in different ways (the same logic applies to other fixed weapons with different projectile speeds).

Due to the similarities between cannons and plasma accelerators (both fire slow moving projectiles at a slow rate of fire), the cannon is a substitute for pilots on a budget, since both the cannon and its ammunition are cheaper - in the case of ammunition by a factor of 10 per shot. Cannons also require much less energy to operate than plasma accelerators. Additionally, cannons are available on fixed, gimballed and turreted mounts, whereas plasma accelerators are only available on fixed mount. However, the plasma accelerator deals both thermal and kinetic damage, a fraction of which is absolute, meaning it negates the resistances on the target's shield or hull to deal full damage.


The cannon uses ammunition and therefore will need to be replenished at any station equipped with a "Restock" service by purchasing ammunition from the Munitions menu in the Starport Services. Alternatively, one can synthesize ammo from their inventory of materials. The cannon has a magazine size of 5, and max ammo size of 100.

Engineers Edit

This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities.

Modifications Edit

The following modifications can be applied to this module:

Possible Experimental Effects Edit

Modifying this module can sometimes result in any one of the following special effects also being applied:


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Damage Armour
ROF DPS Thermal
Clip Size
1 D 2.00 A 0.340 Fixed Kinetic 5 A 0.5 /s 3 1 5 100 21,100
1 E 2.00 A 0.380 Gimbal Kinetic 5 A 0.5 /s 3 1 5 100 42,200
1 F 2.00 A 0.320 Turret Kinetic 4 A 0.4 /s 3 1 5 100 506,400
2 D 4.00 A 0.490 Fixed Kinetic 6 A 0.5 /s 4 1 5 100 168,430
2 D 4.00 A 0.540 Gimbal Kinetic 6 A 0.5 /s 3 1 5 100 337,600
2 E 4.00 A 0.450 Turret Kinetic 5 A 0.3 /s 3 1 5 100 4,051,200
3 C 8.00 A 0.670 Fixed Kinetic 7 A 0.4 /s 4 2 5 100 675,200
3 C 8.00 A 0.750 Gimbal Kinetic 7 A 0.4 /s 4 1 5 100 1,350,400
3 D 8.00 A 0.640 Turret Kinetic 6 A 0.3 /s 4 1 5 100 16,204,800
4 B 16.00 A 0.920 Fixed Kinetic 9 A 0.4 /s 5 2 5 100 2,700,800
4 B 16.00 A 1.030 Gimbal Kinetic 8 A 0.4 /s 4 2 5 100 5,401,600
  • Damage, DPS, and Thermal Load are all based upon the in-game display which is basically an "out of 10" scale thus the values for these sections should be assumed as approximations.

Purchase LocationsEdit

Class Rating System Station
1 D, E Witchhaul Hornby Terminal
1 F Fujin Futen Starport
1 E, F Frigaha Aubakirov Orbital
1 E, F Eravate Cleve Hub
1 F Altair Solo Orbiter
2 D 78 URSAE MAJORIS Seddon Gateway
2 E, D V2213 Ophiuchii De Andrade Dock
3 C, D LHS 2637 Perez Ring
3 C, D Lugh Hartsfield Market
3 C, D V2213 Ophiuchii De Andrade Dock
  • Buyable in nearly every high-tech station
  • This list requires expansion

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