CargoScanner Ingame

Scanner that can detect and analyse the contents of a targeted vessel's cargo hold.

— In-Game Description

A Cargo Scanner (also known as a Manifest Scanner) is mounted on the utility mount of your ship and needs to be assigned to a fire group before you can use it, just like a weapon. It is used to scan another vessel for any cargo it may be carrying. If any of the cargo in a ship that's been scanned is stolen the owner of that ship will incur a bounty. This applies to players and NPCs alike.


Security forces scanning for illicit cargo

Be warned - using this scanner is usually considered to be hostile behaviour! The target is always alerted when you initiate a cargo scan on their ship.

Note - NPC security forces outside stations may often randomly scan you for cargo to see if you're carrying any stolen goods and/or illegal goods. When you are interdicted by NPC security forces they usually want to scan your cargo for the same reasons.


You need to be within range (depends on scanner quality) of your target to activate the scanner. Holding the fire button down will initiate a scan and the button must be kept pressed until the scan completes (approx. 10-11 seconds). You also have to stay in range and sight of your target or the scan will be interrupted. A lot of the time when a target knows they are being scanned they try to get away, especially if they're carrying stolen goods. Always be prepared for a hot chase with the scanner activated!

Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Range (km)
Time (S)
0 E 1.30 A 0.200 2 10 13,544
0 D 1.30 B 0.400 2.5 10 40,633
0 C 1.30 A 0.800 3 10 121,899
0 B 1.30 A 1.600 3.5 10 365,698
0 A 1.30 A 3.200 4 10 1,097,095

Engineer Modifications Edit

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:

Purchase LocationsEdit

Rating System Station
A,B,C Frigaha Aubakirov Orbital
A LHS 142 Vo Dock
A, B, D Leesti George Lucas
A, B, C, D, E Yakabugai Serebrov Station
B, C Zaonce Ridley Scott
A, B Lave Lave Station
A, D LHS 3447 Dalton Gateway
A Diso Shifnalport
C Witchhaul Hornby Terminal
A,B,C,D,E LHS 3505 Olivas City
System with Hi-tech economy usually always have everything you need. You don't need to go to the specific stations listed above. Just go check your nearest hi-tech system.