Controlling FactionCemiess Imperial Society
AllegianceEmpire vector Empire

The system relies heavily on slavery to maintain the luxurious lifestyle of the very wealthy elite.
Most live on the great plantations, common throughout the Imperial Worlds.
The cities house the workers for the service industries and more exotic entertainments.

The magnificent palace where Aisling Duval lives is situated in this system.

The home system for the 6th Interstellar Corps. They are former Imperial Navy pilots turned privateers. Loyal and eager, they protect their interests with ruthless tenacity and endeavors to expand their protectorate over multiple systems.

— In-Game Description

Cemiess is a star system with a population of around 10 billion people. There is significant use of slavery on large plantations in the system. They also maintain the luxurious lifestyle of the very wealthy elite who reside there.

There are big cities where most workers live and exotic entertainers.

Cemiess is notable as the home system of princess Aisling Duval, a major power of the Empire. She has a magnificent palace on the terraformed world Emerald.[1][2]

Cemiess is also the home system of the 6th Interstellar Corps which consists of former Imperial Navy pilots turned privateers.[2]

Terraforming Edit

The Empire began terraforming Cemiess 2 in 3080 to cope with the massive migration from Independent, GalCop and Federation worlds to Imperial systems. This was accompanied by a rise in prosperity. The approval of the Imperial settlement was the last act of late Emperor Gaylen Trasken Duval who died shortly afterward.[3]

System LayoutEdit

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