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Moon Masses {{{moonmasses}}}
Earth Masses 1.5900
Radius 7,033 KM
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Solar Radius {{{solarradius}}}
Surface Temp. 273 K
Surface Pressure 2.30 atmospheres
Volcanism Iron Magma
Atmosphere Type Suitable for water-based life.
Atmosphere 91.3% Nitrogen
8.7% Oxygen
Composition 70.0% Rock
30.0% Metal
Orbital Period 1.9 D
Semi Major Axis 0.00 AU
Orbital Eccentricity 0.0000
Orbital Inclination 2.30 DEG
Arg of Periapsis 0.49 DEG
Rotational Period 2.0 D (Tidally locked)
Axial Tilt -15.57 DEG
Emerald A Ring
Reserves ---
Type ---
Mass ---
Semi Major Axis ---
Inner Radius ---
Outer Radius ---
Emerald B Ring
Reserves ---
Type ---
Mass ---
Semi Major Axis ---
Inner Radius ---
Outer Radius ---
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"Outdoor world with a human-breathable atmosphere and indigenous life. The atmosphere is far from chemical equilibrium as a result.
This planet has been terraformed."

— -In game information

Emerald is a terraformed Earth-like world in the Cemiess system. Princess Aisling Duval lives there in her magnificent palace. Other very wealthy elite also reside on this planet.[1]

Workers and exotic entertainers live in the cities. Many slaves are employed to sustain the great plantations and luxurious lifestyles of the elite.[1]

There's an art installation called Prism's Shades. It's a multi-sensory experience that uses experimental light and sound projection technology to stimulate a series of empathic responses from its audience. Aisling Duval attended the opening on 22 May 3301.[2]

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