Chemical Manipulators
Known uses

Component found in ships: frequently used by haulage vessels. Destroyed haulage vessels can be scavenged from the aftermath of combat in shipping lanes. Known to be salvaged from signal sources in high security systems.

Chemical manipulators provide a means to control a chemical process.

— In-game description

Chemical Manipulators is a material introduced in v2.1.

Where to find:

Signal sources with ship salvage ("Combat Aftermath" USS near shipping lanes of high security systems or Degradaded SS), Surface POI.

Combat: get to an Anarchy system and blast some traders (RES, convoys, nav beacons, Seeking Meds, Seeking Weapons).

- Combat ships: RES, anywhere. - Transport ships: RES Miners in Anarchy systems (just look out for the pink lasers) - Authority ships: Low intensity combat zones.

Anarchy system with a station just keep roaming the shipping lane and look for convoy USS but priority is orca's + wedding barges they drop rares alot then all other transport ships

As mission rewards - ? (Sothis/Ceos has them?)

The only "fast" and "reliable" way to get Chemical Manipulators is to blow up T9's in Seeking Weapon USSs or HazRES sites in Anarchy systems.

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