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Cobra Mk. III

The Cobra Mk. III is a larger and more popular version of the cobra Mk. I. It was first seen in service in 3100 AD, originally manufactured by Cowell & MgRath Shipyard, Lave. Since Cowell & McGrath's acquisition by Faulcon de Lacey it is now branded as an FdL made ship.

It is equipped with several special features, including Zieman Energy Deflection Shields, mountings for four Ingram 'Pulse Lasers ', a Lance & Ferman Seek & Kill missile system, and Kruger "lightfast" motors from Irrikan ThruSpace.

The Cobra is much favored by lone-wolf traders who wish to combine potential superior combat qualities with a much larger cargo hold.

Specifications Edit

Name: Cobra Mk. III
Cost: 111,766 CR
Type: --
Faction: --
Drive Motor(s): --
Manufacturer: Faulcon DeLacy




Cargo Capacity: 36
Dimensions: 40m x 20m x 5m


Hyperspace Capable: Yes
Hull Stress Factor: --
Acceleration: --
Hardpoints: 4

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