Cobra MkIV
Cobra MK IV - Profile
Default version
ManufacturerFaulcon DeLacy
Dimensions33.1L - 48.1W - 8.6H
Cost764,720 CR
Insurance38,236 CR
Top Speed200 m/s
Boost Speed299 m/s
Shields125 MJ
Hull Mass210 t
Cargo Capacity34 t
Fuel Capacity16 t
Unladen Jump Range9.37 ly
Landing Pad SizeSmall
Hardpoints2x Utility Mounts
3x Small Hardpoints
2x Medium Hardpoints
Internals2x Size 2 Compartments
2x Size 3 Compartments
4x Size 4 Compartments
Maximum/Upgraded versions
Jump Range24.91 ly
Top Speed228 m/s
Top Boost342 m/s
Cargo Capacity88 t

The Cobra MkIV is Faulcon deLacy's development of the famous Cobra MkIII. It's heavier and slower than the MkIII, but packs an extra punch and better weaponry placement makes it a more effective combat vessel. It's tougher to improve survivability and allows better upgrading, but at the expense of some of its agility.

— In-Game Description

The Cobra MkIV is a ship released in Elite Dangerous' first expansion: Horizons.[1]

The Cobra Mk IV will be available in the game only to players who joined us in the first year – forever. It’s our ‘thank you’ for your faith in the game.

The Cobra MkIV has one more small hardpoint (three small, two medium total) and better hardpoint placement than the previous Cobra MkIII: Two medium hardpoints are located in the same place as on MkIII and three small hardpoints are in a tight group on top of the ship.[2] It is also much slower than the MkIII: even with fully upgraded thrusters it struggles to keep up with a Vulture.  The Cobra MkIV has the most internal bays of any ship that can land on a small size landing pad.

The Cobra MkIV is available for in-game credits to anyone who has individually purchased both Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons before the 5th of Feb 2016 on PC. This also includes Lifetime Expansion pass holders.[1][3] For Xbox One commanders, the ship is available to those who purchased the Horizons season pass before the 30th of July, 2016. [4]

The pilot's station is offset to the left of the ship's centerline. The auxiliary station is offset to the right of the ship's centerline and is even with the pilot's station.

Purchase LocationsEdit

System Station Date Seen Notes
ETHWAIN Shalatula Gateway missing 20/5/2015
BD+75 58 Stephenson Station 31/12/2015 Missing 05/10/2016
Kokojina Ali Ring 15/12/2015 Missing 3/8/2016
Devadatta Makarov Orbital 15/12/2015
Y Velorum Irvin Hub 16/12/2015
Anlave Kobayashi City 16/12/2015 Missing 27/8/2016
Anlave Hogg City 17/12/2015 Missing 27/8/2016
Liburodo Landsteiner Mines 16/12/2015 missing


LHS 6427 Knight Orbital 17/12/2015 Missing 9/11/2016
Phra Mool Darlton Orbital 17/12/2015 missing


Balatu Haise Dock 17/12/2015 Missing 05.10.2016
Korovii System Moore Gateway 17/12/2015 Missing 10/12/2016
Ho Hsi Hand Ring 17/12/2015 Missing 26/10/2016
Willapa Harness Orbital 17/12/2015 missing


George Pantazis Zamka Platform 17/12/2015 Missing


V417 Hydrae Bayliss Dock 18/12/2015
Mawambi Ostwald Hub 18/12/2015 Missing 09/04/17
Seediansi Grover Orbital 19/12/2015 Missing 29/1/17
AZ Cancri Fisher Station 18/12/2015 Missing 26/04/2017
HR 6828 Celsius Hub 19/12/2015 Missing 09/04/17
Nanomam Gresley Dock 19/12/2015 Missing 18/8/2016
Hel Jones Orbital 20/12/2015
Bhare Pacheco Orbital 21/12/2015
Yarrite Deslandres Terminal 21/12/2015
WW Piscis Austrini Ivinis Vision 21/12/2015 Missing 11/03/2017
Chemaku Crampton Port 24/12/2015 Missing 01/04/2017
LAMBDA-1 Riess Hub 25/12/2015
Bhritzameno Feyman Terminal 11/01/2016 Missing 3/08/2016
PARECO Phillps Market 23/01/2016
Sol Mars High 26/01/2016
CD-86 4 Cummings Dock 07/03/2016 Missing


Lembava Goldstein Port 31/08/2016
CD-41 568 Gent Vision 08/11/2016
Matec Wafa Entreprise 08/11/2016 Missing 05/01/2017
Mictlan Kowal Dock 17/11/2016 Missing 17/04/2017
Chelmen Emshwiller Hub 17/11/2016 Missing 01/04/2017
Njokujil Matthews Terminal 26/11/2016 Missing 08/04/2017
Achenar Baker Terminal 26/11/2016


Main article: Outfitting

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Cobra MkIV.

Category Default System Default Rating Default Class Max Class
Small Hardpoint Empty -- -- 1
Empty -- -- 1
Empty -- -- 1
Medium Hardpoint Pulse Laser (L) F 1 2
Pulse Laser (L) F 1 2
Utility Mount Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Bulkheads Lightweight Alloys I 1 8
Reactor Bay Power Plant E 4 4
Thrusters Mounting Thrusters E 4 4
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive E 4 4
Environment Control Life Support E 3 3
Power Coupling Power Distributor E 3 3
Sensor Suite Sensors E 3 3
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x16] C 4 4
Internal Compartments Shield Generator E 4 4
Cargo Rack [x8] E 3 4
Cargo Rack [x8] E 3 4
Cargo Rack [x8] E 3 4
Cargo Rack [x4] E 2 3
Cargo Rack [x4] E 2 3
Cargo Rack [x2] E 1 2
BDS E 1 2
Planetary Approach Suite E 1 2
  • (L) = Loaned
  • [x#] = Capacity
  • BDS = Basic Discovery Scanner

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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