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Colonia, formerly known as Eol Prou RS-T d3-94, is a system 22,000 Light Years outside of human space, in the midst of the Colonia Nebula of the Colonia Region. It is the current location of Jaques Station, making it one of the most remote star systems from Sol with a space station. A permanent planetary outpost, Colonia Hub, was later constructed, marking the beginning of human colonization of the Colonia Nebula.

Travel Edit

There are planetary outposts in between Sol and the Colonia Region. These form the Colonia Connection Highway. It connects the Bubble to humanity's first outer colony Colonia, and stretches across 22,000 light years to the fringes of the galactic core.

You can use neutron stars for FSD Supercharging to travel large distances with far fewer jumps via the Neutron Highway.

System LayoutEdit


  • Jaques Station, the only space station equipped for continuous star travel, attempted an extreme long-range jump to Beagle Point from Gliese 1269 on May 21, 3302, following a successful community goal to provide the station with fuel. Due to Unknown Artefact interference, the station's drives malfunctioned during the jump and it was stranded in Eol Prou RS-T d3-94. A community goal to provide Jaques Station with repair materials succeeded, but it is unknown when it will attempt to resume its journey to Beagle Point.
  • The first permanent settlement in the system, Colonia Hub on the surface of Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 2 A (now known as Colonia 2 A), was inaugurated on September 9, 3302. It was the global reward for a community goal.
  • The system was officially renamed "Colonia" with the 2.2 update.
  • A series of refueling outposts have been constructed between the bubble and Colonia. These are planetary outposts and only available to players who own the Horizons update. They are placed as follows (sorted by distance to the bubble, shortest first):
    • Hillary Depot – Blu Thua AI-A c14-10, planet A 4 A
    • Amundsen Terminal – Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10, planet 1
    • Eagle's Landing – Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117, planet 2 A
    • Sacaqawea Space Port – Skaudai CH-B d14-34, planet 1 A
    • Gagarin Gate – Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31, planet 4
    • Polo Harbour – Boewnst KS-S c20-959, planet A 2 A

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