Colonia Connection Highway

The Colonia Connection Highway connects the Bubble to humanity's first outer colony Colonia, and stretching across 22,000 light years to the fringes of the galactic core.

The route crosses the mysterious Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux, a region rumored by Senator Kahina Tijani Loren (Salomé) to hold a 'dark secret' within.

The Gagarin Gate Outpost and Sacagawea Space Port, in the heart of this mysterious region, are currently garrisoned by the Colonia Militia Forces - ready to protect civilian shipping heading to and from the outer colonies.

The Colonia Connection Edit

The Colonia Connection Highway was constructed by the Latugara PLC, an independent organization based in the Latugara system.

In September 3302, Latugara PLC tasked pilots from across the old worlds to deliver construction materials to Love Orbital in the Latugara system. By October 3302 construction of the outposts had been complete, thus opening up the first major shipping route with waypoint outposts to the Colonia Region.[1]

Expansion Edit

On August 24, 3303, the Kamadhenu Chapterhouse of Inquisition announced plans to establish three starports between the core systems and Colonia, along with the creation of a freight and passenger transportation service known as the Blue Star Line.[2] The three-week campaign successfully concluded on September 14, 3303, with the Kamadhenu Chapterhouse of Inquisition having amassed enough materials to begin construction of all three stations.[3]

Outpost Locations Edit

These are the waypoint outposts to the Colonia Region. Each planetary outpost has repair facilities as well as Universal Cartographics. So those returning from the core regions needn't travel all the way to the bubble to cash in their exploration data.

References Edit

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