For clarity's sake, "combat logging" is when a Commander ungracefully exits the game (e.g. using ALT + F4 then shutting down the game process) to avoid defeat, destruction and damage. Commanders might use this exploit the moment they are interdicted or the moment before they are about to be destroyed.

— Sandro Sammarco[1]

Combat Logging is the act of logging off or exiting a session of Elite Dangerous during ship-to-ship combat in a non graceful way. Often times, players will generally terminate a game session when they feel discontent with their current situation in the hopes of restarting in a safer position. Intentionally quitting during a tough situation is fairly common in gaming, though it is widely frowned upon and considered unfair. Many online games take measures to prevent this behavior, such as possible penalties on the player's account or simply setting a delay countdown until the player is actually logged out.

Combat Logging is officially a banable action and will have consequences if done a significant amount of times.

Frontier Developments have also claimed that they are working on a way to solve the issue, however, there hasn't been any kind of success or progress in the past years.

Uses and Effects Edit

In Elite Dangerous, combat logging is most often done to avoid death (usually last-minute) during combat. Unfortunately, there is no safeguard to this exploit as of yet other than reporting the combat logger (if the attacker is not an NPC).

  • The most common instance of combat logging is likely when a commander is transporting valuable cargo and confronted by a better-armed pirate.
  • Similar acts of logging can also include non-combat situations, such as being scanned when smuggling without a means of stopping the scan.
  • Bounties that were on a wanted pilot will remain since the target will not be destroyed if they had disconnected in time.

References Edit

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