Combat Stabilisers
Galactic Average Price3,055 CR
Black Market Price1,575 CR
Produced byHigh Tech
Consumed byAll except High Tech

Biological agents used to sustain and heal injured humans in combat. Combat Stabilizers allow recipients to continue to function despite unimaginable amounts of pain. Some cultures consider they encourage glorification of combat, and so are illegal.

— In-Game Description

ALERT: Combat Stabilisers are illegal in most systems.

Combat Stabilisers are a specific item of Medicines in the world of Elite Dangerous. A commodity that is broadly illegal, combat stabilisers can be found in dropped cargo containers. Combat Stabilisers are sold in Anarchy High-tech systems.


System Station
Tarach Tor -
Gende -
Gandui Dixon Dock
LTT 1509 Payne-Scott Enterprise (Unconfirmed)
Soch Whitcomb Ring
CD-51 102 -
HR 7291 Lander Port

Note that not all systems will be represented here. List derived from comment section and user confirmation.


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