Community Goal

Community Goals allow the community to work together on an ongoing project within a system. It drives players to a particular space to come together or wage a conflict. Players can participate by travelling to a system where a goal is available and joining via the Mission Board. After joining the player can view goal objectives, participation and completion via the "Transactions" tab of the ship's left side panel.

Each community goal has tiers. The more tiers achieved through the mission, the higher the reward. Community Goals end when the highest tier listed has been reached or the time limit ends, whichever comes first.

A list of active community goals can be found here or on the official forums in this thread.

Players can submit proposals for new community goals by contacting Frontier's community team.[1]

Note: Possibly due to a bug whereby people who cashed in their rewards late got a higher rank, as of somewhere after v1.3 (noted around start of July 2015) Community Goals now cash in automatically.

Goal TypesEdit

All community goals are different and have a story involved with them.

Rewards Edit

  • Credits that increment for each tier achieved (who knows how much)
  • Ships and/or module discount
  • Story related reward
  • Starport constructed
  • Ship decals

Trivia Edit

  • Added in Version 1.1
  • The first Community Goal was to construct a starport in Yembo.[2][3]

Videos Edit



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