Core Dynamics is a manufacturer of ships and equipment in the galaxy. They primarily specialize in producing combat ships. Currently it is a major supplier for the Federal Navy. It is also a manufacturer of various skimmers.

History Edit

Core Dynamics has a long-running association with the Federation, having produced everything from the humble Eagle to the mighty Farragut Battle Cruiser for the Federal Navy.[1]

A mainstay product of Core Dynamics is the S4 ‘Sentry’ skimmer. This is the most widely used skimmer in the vast semi-automated security and protection industry throughout the galaxy.[2]

On December 21, 3303, Core Dynamics announced a new construction initiative in response to the rapidly increasing tally of ship losses in battles against the Thargoids. The manufacturer sought to accelerate its production schedule to replace the losses and issued an open order to independent pilots for materials.[3] The campaign was a success, and Core Dynamics was able to immediately produce new ships for retail.[4] As a result, retailers throughout the Core Systems were able to lift Federal rank requirements and offer a 17% discount on the Federal Dropship, Federal Assault Ship, and Federal Gunship for one week.[5]




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