Coriolis station

The Coriolis station can be described as the most iconic Elite station. It is a Cuboctahedron with a radius of about 2 km. The outside of the starport is made up of inverted skyscrapers where penthouses provide spectacular views of space in addition to comfortable levels of gravity. In rare cases, the exterior of a Coriolis will also feature two "arms" extending from opposite facets of the main structure, as with Smith Reserve in LDS 883. A second variant with four "arms" was introduced with Cavalieri in Electra.


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Due to the symmetrical nature of Coriolis stations it can be difficult to find the docking slot. To remedy this the target hologram (displayed when targeting the station) has arrows pointing towards the station's entrance. An alternative method of locating the entrance is to observe the starport's axis of rotation - the entrance will always be located at the end of the axis of rotation that spins counter-clockwise when you are facing the starport.

Also the rear of the station has red lights in the corners, the front are yellow.

It is possible to fly around the station in supercruise and exit in front of the station by targeting the station and using the holographic display.


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