The Classified Camera was a feature that provided players with an external view of their ship. It served as a tool for players to take better screenshots with their ships as part of it. It's replaced with the camera suite in update 2.3.

Usage Edit

The debug camera is activated by pressing the default toggle keybind left Ctrl + left Alt + Space.[nb 1] Once the camera is activated, the normal flight controls serve to move the camera around the ship in a fixed, limited perimeter.

While the debug camera mode is active, the player loses control over the ship, leaving it vulnerable to any danger.


  1. The key-binding may be empty and has to be assigned in settings; it is labeled as the "Classified Camera Toggle".

2. click escape > Options > Controls > Misc > Scroll down until you find "Classified Camera Toggle". Apparently cannot do this option inside of dock as when you press space it selects option you are on.


  • The debug camera feature was added in Update 1.2.
  • The debug camera was removed in update 2.3. It has been replaced with the Camera Suite, which is an improvement by Frontier to the old debug camera, allowing greater freedom of movement, the ability to add blur, the changing of zoom levels and a limited ability to pilot your ship while in external view.

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