DetailedSurfaceScanner Ingame

Advanced stellar body scanner used during exploration.

— In-Game Description

The Detailed Surface Scanner will give a pilot info on the composition of a moon, planet, star, or other stellar body and also data such as orbital distance and orbit time.

A Discovery Scanner is required for this module to be useful; both modules must be present on the ship for this one to provide information. Use of this module increases the amount of credits that can be earned in stellar cartography by about 30%,[citation needed] and is considered essential for any pilot wanting to use exploration as their primary source of income.

In order to use this module a pilot must select the unexplored entity from their navigation panel then fly to within range (varies due to entity diameter) just as with scanning with the discovery scanner and as such does not need to be bound to a firing group.

The scan will take from 35 seconds down to 15 seconds depending upon the range at which the entity is scanned, 35 seconds for maximum range down to a minimum of 15 for close range. This difference in scan times may make it worthwhile to get closer to an entity being scanned to save a few seconds but risks the pilot being caught in the entity's gravity well.

Upon completion of the scan the pilot will receive a message confirming the detailed scan.


Class Rating Mass (T) Value (CR)
1 C 1.30 250,000

Purchase LocationsEdit

System Station Release
Abukunin Reilly Hub
Amphisatsu Watanabe Terminal R1.03
Asellus Primus Beagle 2 Landing
Aulin Aulin Enterprise
AZ Cancri Fisher Station
BD+26 2723 Vinogradov Colony
Chandra Laplace Station
Chemaku Crampton Port
HR 1064 Clark Terminal 2.0.06
FK5 2550 Wundt Gateway Gamma 1.05
Frendian Santos Installation
G 180-18 Hale Port
G 205-47 Bain Horizons
Herthans Henry Vision
HIP 74290 Pratchett's Disc
Jen Elabog Sarich Port
Jolagro Gentle Survey 1.3
Kokojawa Tayler Enterprise
Lave Lave Station R1.01
Lalande 27055 Ostrander Orbital R1.2
Leesti George Lucas
LHS 2771 Sarafanov Vision
LHS 3447 Dalton Gateway, Worlidge Terminal
LHS 3505 Olivas City R1.03
LT5449 Binet Port
Mariang Mrkos Colony
NLTT 51200 Strekalov Colony
Panitollemi Hartlib Platform
Tauerni Rushworth Port
Thrutis Kingsbury Dock
Tilian Keeler Rest
Yulandh Burners-Lee City R1.1
Uriburni Popovich Horizons
EGM 823 Cabral Terminal
CF 464 Bartini Enterprise
133 G. Canis Major Dorsett Horizons
Altair Solo Orbiter
Cupis Armstrong Station
Yembo Naddour Terminal
Groombridge 34 Jones Estate R1.3
Zaragas Jenner Hub
Deciat Garay Terminal

Sol Mars high

Engineer Modifications Edit

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:

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