Detention Centre The Shield of Resolve

The Shield of Resolve, a Detention Centre

A Detention Centre is a type of Flight Operations Carrier Megaship where criminals are detained.

Independent pilots who commit crimes can be apprehended by Security Forces. When criminal warrants are detected on a ship before its destruction, then it's transferred to the nearest appropriate Detention Centre. There they are processed for their crimes, forced to pay off their accumulated fines and bounties of the jurisdiction where they were destroyed or accept bankruptcy before being released. There are Superpower Detention Centres for Commanders with interstellar bounties.[1][2]

Locations Edit

Name System Affiliation
Apollo's Vengeance Col 285 Sector QO-N b21-5 Imperial Detainment Company
Astur's Vault Scorpii Sector FM-V b2-5 Federal Internment Corporation
Detainment Centre Delta-7 Tascheter Sector AV-Y b5 Independent Detention Foundation
Detention Ship Alpha Crucis Sector ND-S b4-5 Alliance Incarceration Concern
Detention Ship Beta Bei Dou Sector DL-Y d76 Alliance Incarceration Concern
Detention Ship Gamma Herculis Sector YJ-A c16 Alliance Incarceration Concern
Detention Vessel Epsilon Hydrae Sector ON-T b3-1 Independent Detention Foundation
Mercy's Hammer Alrai Sector KH-V b2-7 Independent Detention Foundation
Mjolnir's Wrath Nyeajaae VU-Y a27-9 Independent Detention Foundation
Mother of Redemption Alrai Sector KN-S b4-4 Independent Detention Foundation
Odin's Crag Eol Prou LW-L c8-127 Independent Detention Foundation
Orbital Stockade N-65 Ross 640 Independent Detention Foundation
Penal Ship Omicron Stuelou AT-J c25-24 Independent Detention Foundation
Penal Ship Y-32 Arietis Sector ZF-O b6-1 Independent Detention Foundation
The Armoured Saint Capricorni Sector FM-V b2-0 Independent Detention Foundation
The Blood of Atonement Lyncis Sector QJ-Q b5-2 Independent Detention Foundation
The Champion of Piety Crucis Sector EQ-Y b4 Independent Detention Foundation
The Citadel of Justice Col 285 Sector YG-Y b16-1 Independent Detention Foundation
The Fist of the Empire ICZ KS-T b3-5 Imperial Detainment Company
The Fountain of Penance Hyades Sector LC-L b8-0 Independent Detention Foundation
The Heart of Orion Col 285 Sector IT-W b16-2 Independent Detention Foundation
The Heraklion HR 32 Imperial Detainment Company
The Iron Claw Scorpii Sector DB-X b1-8 Independent Detention Foundation
The Master of Courage Puppis Sector CQ-Y b1 Federal Internment Corporation
The Penitent Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-79 Independent Detention Foundation
The Pillar of Fortitude SPF-LF 1 Independent Detention Foundation
The Quarry California Sector CQ-Y c5 Independent Detention Foundation
The Redeemer Col 285 Sector QT-E b13-4 Independent Detention Foundation
The Sepulchre Col 285 Sector YU-F c11-1 Independent Detention Foundation
The Seraph's Wing ICZ ZK-X b1-0 Independent Detention Foundation
The Shield of Resolve G 203-51 Federal Internment Corporation

Notes Edit

  • Ships that are destroyed unrelated to a crime will respawn at the nearest and safest Starport in the system if possible or revert to the last port docked.[2]
  • If you are at a Detention Centre, you are in a solo, private space until you engage your Frameshift Drive. This is so that other people can't wait around and gank you.[1]
  • When a ship is wanted (hot) and when you store it, then you can't transfer it to a system where it's wanted. Any modules that are in the ship are also hot. So if you take them out then you can't put them into other ships that aren't wanted. If you put any clean modules into a wanted ship then they become hot. This prevents loopholes to clean or launder a wanted ship.[1]
  • Detention Centres do not go into Lockdown, so CMDRs wanting to use a Detention Centre as their home station will not have trouble with them.
  • When respawning at a Detention Center the player must pay off their fines and bounties of the previous jurisdiction including rebuy costs if the ship was destroyed. All other bounties and fines remain attached to the ship. If you don't pay then you will be forced to choose the Sidewinder, and lose the old ship and its loadout.

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