Advanced Discovery Scanner

Scanner used during exploration.

— In-Game Description

The Discovery Scanner is a stellar body scanner module. When installed and activated, it can be used to identify unknown astronomical objects with an uncharted star system. With Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter Four (3.3), the Discovery Scanner will become an integrated module that works with the Full Spectrum System Scanner.

Specifications Edit

This scanner can be used in supercruise and normal space by assigning the module to the current fire group and holding the trigger down to charge it. Once charged, the scan will reveal astronomical bodies within the range of the scanner. Once revealed, these bodies can be further analysed by approaching and targeting the body, then facing it to a trigger a basic scan.

— Additional In-Game Description

3.2 Edit

After update 3.3, the following module specifications will become deprecated.

Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Active Range Passive Range (LS) Scan Time (S) Value (CR)
1 E 2.00 40 500 0.33 5 1,000
1 D 2.00 40 1,000 3.34 5 505,000
1 C 2.00 40 33.36 5 1,545,000

3.3 Edit

Beyond Chapter Four will merge the Basic Discovery Scanner, Intermediate Discovery Scanner, and Advanced Discovery Scanner into a single module with infinite scanning range: the Discovery Scanner. The Discovery Scanner will also become an integrated module like the Data Link Scanner and the Short Range Composition Scanner, meaning it will no longer occupy an internal compartment and will be permanently installed on all ships by default.[1]

Usage Edit

The Discovery Scanner needs to be assigned to a fire group and can be triggered in both super cruise and normal space. The assigned control to trigger the scanner must be held down in order to charge the unit. It will tell you when the scan is complete. In addition, if you pass extremely close to an astronomical body it will automatically discover the object.

As the basic/intermediate scanners have a limited range you will not necessarily find all the astronomical bodies by triggering it just once. (The advanced scanner will discover everything). You may need to scout the system to discover additional astronomical bodies. This can be achieved by traveling very fast (over 30c is best) and looking for moving objects from your side/top windows on the static backdrop. When you see moving objects, head towards them until you get them within the maximum range of your scanner and trigger it to discover them.

Once you discover the objects they will initially appear in your Navigation panel as "UNEXPLORED" (discovered but not scanned) and you will need to get close enough for your ship to automatically scan them to get further information. The distance you need to get to the object in order for the automatic scan to begin depends on its size. Stars may be automatically scanned from over 1,000 LS away but small moons may require you to be within 10 LS or even closer. Once you are close enough and have the "UNEXPLORED" object selected you will see it begin scanning and the name will eventually change from "UNEXPLORED" to a more appropriate name based upon its position in the system. You will also see further information on the body in the system map.

Although not necessary, it is beneficial to also have the Detailed Surface Scanner to maximise your profits as this gains additional information such as the atmosphere type and composition of the astronomical body. A Discovery Scanner must be installed along with a DSS in order for the DSS to function.

Purchase LocationsEdit

Class Rating System Station
1 All Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial
1 All Sol Li Qing Jao
1 All Barnard's Star Miller Depot
1 All Tau Ceti Ortiz Moreno City
1 All Anlave Suri Park
1 All Arcturus Fort Harrison
1 All Pethes Yuzhe Port
1 All Ross 42 Gaffney Port
1 All Ra LeConte Dock
1 All Othime Lone Rock

Notes Edit

  • All ships come equipped with a Basic Discovery Scanner by default.
  • If an undiscovered planetary body is scanned while the in a Wing, then all wing members will be given discovery credit when the data is turned in.
  • Unsold exploration data is lost if the player's ship is destroyed.
  • Unsold exploration data automatically transfers when the player switches to a different ship.

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