Distant Worlds II, abbreviated as DW2, is the sequel to the Distant Worlds Expedition, the first major community expedition in Elite Dangerous history. It was announced on October 10, 3303,[1] and is expected to launch in mid-January 3305.[2]

History Edit

Announcement and Early Planning Edit

On October 10, 3303, CMDR Erimus made an early announcement for the sequel to the Distant Worlds Expedition. Coming in the wake of the reveal of Elite Dangerous: Beyond at Frontier Expo 2017, it was determined that Distant World II would launch in Q4 3304/Q1 3305, after the release of Beyond's exploration-focused Chapter 4 update.[3]

The stated goals of the expedition are:

  • We want to create an event that challenges its participants, like DWE 3302 did.
  • We want to create interesting basecamp meetups and events, that include all what the first expedition had, and more - specifically utilising whatever new discovery mechanics the new content requires.
  • We would like to reach the same scale as last time or beat it, and then take advantage of our large contingent in the hopes the expedition might discover some of the new and mysterious things FD have hinted at!
  • We have plans to bring back the Distant Worlds weekly newsletter that proved so popular last time around, and eventually have it again bound into a book as a memento.
  • Naturally DWE2 plan to work in conjunction with the Galactic Mapping Project to discover, catalogue, and name new POIs, spatial anomalies, and geological features.
  • The expedition will encourage and facilitate all the emergent gameplay that explorers are renowned for into joining and helping organise and oversee certain aspects of this mammoth endeavour; Fuel Rats, Rock Rats, MediCorp, The Repair & Tour Group, The Galactic Travel Agency, Surveyors, Galactic Mappers, Scouts, and even squadrons that will hopefully be able to utilise the new fleet carriers.
  • We will put together an experienced organisation team to help create a memorable event.

Expedition Proposal Edit

On January 14, 3304, on the second anniversary of the launch of the Distant Worlds Expedition, the expedition outline was posted by Erimus. The proposal included a Community Goal idea that would be run in conjunction with the main expedition, which if implemented, would incorporate prospecting and mining into the expedition.

Registration and Preliminary Route Edit

The expedition began accepting signups on February 1, 3304 (click here to register).[1] By February 22, 2,000 pilots had registered.[4] By August 6, 3,000 pilots had registered.[5]

As of February 1, 3304, Distant Worlds II is intended to travel through both Sagittarius A* and Beagle Point on the "Outbound" stage, while "The Voyage Home" stage will trace the journey of the USS Voyager. The journey will cover over 200,000 ly and is estimated to take 304 days to complete.[1]

DW2 Route draft

Approximate route for DW2 as of February 1, 3304

 Waypoint Scouting Event Edit

On April 1st, 3304, CMDR Erimus posted a call for explorers currently on a deep space excursion to submit POIs or areas of interest that may be suitable to be used as Distant Worlds 2 waypoints and basecamps.

Out of all submissions, 15-20 will be incorporated into Distant Worlds.[6]

Fleet Logistics: Call for Volunteers Edit

On April 16th, 3304, CMDR Olivia Vespera posted a call for volunteers in the bubble to help fleet logistics gather 10 of each available rare commodity in the game across all 3 gaming platforms. Members who answer the call are were asked to join the Fleet Logistics Discord and were given the role, Gatherer. The gathered rares would be stored in Warehouse ships until they can be preloaded onto truckers.[7]

Expedition Waypoints Edit

As of February 1, 3304, Distant Worlds II is still in the planning stage and most waypoints have yet to be determined. A scouting event for the communtiy to submit waypoints for selection has been launched. The expedition will initially gather outside the settlement Brooks Point on Pallaeni A 1, the same launch point as in the original Distant Worlds Expedition.

WP Basecamp Name System Planet Coordinates Date
0 Brooks Point Pallaeni A 1 58.01, -145.51 January 3305
? TBA Sagittarius A* TBA TBA TBA
? TBA Beagle Point TBA TBA TBA

Fleet Roles Edit

Icon Role Description
DW2 Explorer Explorer The default role that anyone not selecting a specific role is automatically assigned. Explorers will make up the bulk of the fleet and are those that are not fussed on specialization. During the journey Explorers will discover interesting stellar, planetary, or environmental POIs (like planetary nebulae etc). The very best of these POIs will then be used by Tour Guides, the Galactic Mapping Team, and Fleet Astrophotographers to visit and catalogue during the expedition and waypoint visits.
DW2 Fuel Rat Fuel Rat Part of the Resource Acquisition Teams [R.A.Ts] we hope to incorporate into DW2. The Fuel Rat role will not only require the pilot to fit a limpet control module, but they will also double as fuel mineral haulers and help refuel fleet Carriers during mining operations (provided logistical support for such ships is introduced - pure speculation at this point). Ships with a large cargo capacity are recommended for this role.
DW2 Miner Miner Part of the Resource Acquisition Teams [R.A.Ts] we hope to incorporate into DW2. For the outbound journey, a miners primary role will be to scout for and mine the essential ice-based minerals needed to refuel the flagship (again, this is speculative at this point). Miners will also be needed during a possible construction Community Goal at Sag-A* and Beagle Point (if the CG proposal is accepted by FD). Major resource gathering operations will be overseen and coordinated by the Rock Rats whose task will be to set up group mining operations and work in conjunction with fleet haulers and Fuel Rats during the refueling procedure and CG construction phase of the mission. Please be aware that this role is wholly dependent on either the CG proposal being implemented, or Megaship refueling support being introduced in the Beyond series. If there is no practical reason to incorporate Miners on DW2, the role will become obsolete for this expedition.
DW2 Fleet Mechanic Fleet Mechanic Commanders who rig their ships to carry Hull Repair Limpets and are on hand to offer essential hull repairs to all fleet members who require their services. More details on what this role entails can be found here: Link.
DW2 Tour Guide Tour Guide These pilots will work in conjunction with the Galactic Travel Agency and utilize Multi-Crew. The service will allow many more players to take part in DW2 as passengers and guests aboard Tour Guide operators ships. For RP purposes we encourage Tour Guides to register Belugas, Orcas, or Dolphin-class cruisers with the DW fleet. More details on what this role entails can be found here: Link.
DW2 Astrophotographer Astrophotographer This project will be overseen by Qohen Leth for the official Distant Worlds Imgur Album. Astrophotographers will be encouraged to submit their photos to the album, some of these submissions will be highlighted and written about in the DW2 weekly newsletter, there may even be prizes on offer for a 'pic of the week'.
DW2 Fighter Escort Fighter Escort This role depends on the ability of the DW fleet to incorporate Carriers. If this proves viable, fighter squadrons operating from a Carrier each will be tasked to protect the entire fleet and its exploration and mining excursions throughout the entirety of the journey to the far rim and back. More details on this role will become apparent during 3304.
DW2 Geologist Geologist The prime focus for fleet Geologists is to seek out and catalogue active geological sites and interesting surface features for the Milky Way Society of Organics and Geology (overseen by CMDR MadRaptor - The Galactic Geologist), and the Galactic Mapping Project (overseen by the GMP Team).
DW2 Scientist Scientist This role is speculative and is based on the assumption that Environmental Space Anomalies (hinted at by FD) will be discoverable by Q4 3304, and will thus need charting for the Mapping Project and cataloguing. Scientists will also directly contribute to The Scientific Surveyor Project, whose goal will be to collate a wealth of statistics on star systems, worlds, and asteroid fields (among other things), from which EfilOne will create statistical documents on what the DW2 fleet discovered by journey's end.
DW2 Media Media This role will encompass Video Makers, Streamers, Mission Chroniclers and Blog-Writers. Some of the media content created during the mission will be used in the weekly DW2 newsletters.
DW2 MediCorp MediCorp This is a roleplayed role and is based upon the concept created by Wing Atlantis. More details of what this role entails can be found here: MediCorp.
DW2 Fleet Logistics Fleet Logistics This is a roleplayed role and is based upon the concept created by Olivia Vespera. Traders will carry various rare commodities for use in celebrations, or to trade with NPC settlements we may encounter. More details of what this role entails can be found here: Link.

Private Groups Edit

Like Distant Worlds, Distant Worlds 2 will host several private groups for fleet members to fly safe and to host official meetups. As with the previous expedition. Flying in the private group is not a requirement to be on the expedition.

Platform PC XB1 PS4
Private Group Name Fleetcomm TBA Allcrowsareblack
Owner Grnbrg Allcrowsareblack

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