Distress Calls can be found in supercruise in most inhabited star systems. These locations spawn a variety of NPCs that can be undergoing a number of events. Some examples of the events are;

  • A Ship without fuel.
  • A Ship under attack from waves of pirates.
  • Wreckage from a destroyed ship, this can have a second ship investigating.

How to re-fuel a ship:

  1. Install "Fuel Transfer Limpet Controller" in Outfitting
  2. Buy few "Fuel Transfer Limpets" in "Advanced Maintenance | Restock" (they take cargo space).
  3. Setup a fire group for the Controller.
  4. Target a ship and press fire button, which you set up for the Controller.

1t of fuel can be enough for a ship to jump to the nearest system with re-fuel service.

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