Eagle Eye is a surveillance initiative established by Aegis to monitor Thargoid activity. Using an array of six orbital installations, Eagle Eye intercepts transmissions from Thargoid Surface Sites, which are then used to predict the locations of future Thargoid attacks on a weekly basis. Aegis Core's former headquarters of Dantec Enterprise, Socho served a vital yet understated role in the array's operations by coordinating all communication between the installations. As the data assembled by Eagle Eye is encrypted and stored in Unregistered Communications Beacons found near each installation, independent pilots can freely scan these beacons and decrypt the data to investigate the relevant targets.



On March 9, 3304, Aegis announced a new operation to counter the Thargoids. The initiative, called Eagle Eye, involved placing six orbital surveillance installations in systems around the Pleiades Nebula, namely HIP 17225, HIP 17692, HIP 17892, HR 1185, Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55, and Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4, in order to monitor known Thargoid Surface Sites and collect data on Thargoid behavior outside of combat zones.[1]

By March 16, Aegis reported that Eagle Eye was already producing results. According to Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis's military liaison, the installations were able to track fluctuations in transmissions originating from Thargoid Surface Sites, and that these transmissions pointed to specific locations in human space which were likely future Thargoid attack targets. Tanner urged independent pilots to investigate a new set of signals detected by Eagle Eye to help thwart the Thargoids' plans.[2]

Anomalies and successesEdit

On March 29, Admiral Tanner announced that Eagle Eye had detected no new signals from Thargoid Surface Sites, which he believed indicated a brief reprieve in the Thargoids' attack plans. The recently-deployed flagships Acropolis and Vanguard remained stationed in Irandan and HIP 21559 while Aegis awaited further developments.[3] New signals were detected the following week, and the Thargoids resumed their offensive the week after by attacking Guidoni Enterprise in HIP 9599; this attack came as a surprise, since Eagle Eye's data had not indicated HIP 9599 was a target.

On May 3, 3304, Eagle Eye indicated that 63 G. Capricorni and Argestes were being targeted. Neither was attacked on May 10, indicating that independent pilots had successfully rallied to the defense of both systems for the first time since the Thargoid attacks began. This feat was repeated the following five weeks, with Dalfur, LTT 8517, Lalande 4141, Lwalama, HR 1257, Lusonda, LP 571-36, HIP 21559, Kung Mu, and Nauni all avoiding attacks. On May 31, Aegis and Admiral Tanner hailed these victories as proof of Eagle Eye's success and Aegis's ability to defend the galactic community.[4]

On June 7, Eagle Eye unexpectedly indicated that Beaufoy Vision in Nauni was one of that week's targeted stations. This was unusual because, up to that point, the Thargoids had never before targeted a system which they had already previously attacked. At the time, Beaufoy Vision was still repairing the damage it had suffered only three months earlier, during the first wave of Thargoid attacks. On June 14, Eagle Eye traced a Thargoid transmission to Col 70 Sector FY-N c21-3, a permit-locked system notable for its apparent connection to Thargoid Probes.

Protocol Xeno 55Edit

On June 21, Hennepin Prospect in Assinda suffered an attack, ending the streak of victories over the Thargoids. The attack appeared to be an outlier rather than an indication of Thargoid resurgence, however, as Eagle Eye did not intercept any new signals from Thargoid sites, and all Eagle Eye installations began transmitting the same message: "no new signal detected thargoid activity unknown initiate protocol xeno 55". That same day, Aegis also declared that the Thargoids were retreating from the Core Systems and had been pushed back to their original beachhead of Bhal. Admiral Tanner thanked Commanders for their efforts in defending the Core Systems, but noted that while Thargoid incursions had been reversed in many regions, the Thargoids remained entrenched in the Pleiades Nebula.[5]

On June 28, Aegis reported that Eagle Eye had detected a massive surge in Thargoid transmissions. Admiral Tanner asserted that the previous week's lull in activity in the Core Systems must have been only a brief delay while the Thargoids regrouped and summoned reinforcements from the Pleiades. Tanner issued an emergency call for aid for Garay Terminal in Deciat, which Eagle Eye indicated was the Thargoids' main target.[6] While Deciat was successfully defended, the following week on July 5, Eagle Eye confirmed that the Thargoids had resumed their previous pattern of activity and were once more targeting pairs of stations in the Core Systems, which soon resulted in a fresh spate of attacks.

System ErrorEdit

On August 16, Eagle Eye began reporting a "System Error" and provided no new target data. Admiral Tanner subsequently announced that Eagle Eye had gone offline due to technical interference at Dantec Enterprise, Socho brought on by an influx of Thargoid Sensors. Dantec Enterprise was a linchpin for Eagle Eye and fed it a continuous stream of data, but with the station disrupted, the entire Eagle Eye array had been rendered temporarily inoperable. Tanner urged independent pilots to deliver Meta-Alloys to Dantec Enterprise so that the station could be restored and Eagle Eye could be reactivated.[7] Despite this setback, pilots were able to determine that the Thargoids' most probable targets for that week were Hermaszewski Resort, LP 102-320 and Salgari Vision, Pemepatung.

Dantec Enterprise was restored within days thanks to the prompt delivery of tens of thousands of Meta-Alloys. On August 23, Eagle Eye reported "System Recalibrating", indicating that the array would return to full functionality by the next cycle. Pilots continued canvassing systems on their own and identified Khan Port, LHS 283 as a potential Thargoid attack target. Unfortunately, Henry Dock in Valkups was also a target, but was not identified until it was too late to come to its defense. While Khan Port was well-protected, the Thargoids struck the neglected Henry Dock on August 30. The restored Eagle Eye resumed analyzing Thargoid transmissions that week, but in addition to identifying the usual two targets, it also found signals pointing to The Gnosis, a research vessel operated by the Canonn Interstellar Research Group that was planning to attempt a jump into the isolated Cone Sector. During that attempt on September 6, The Gnosis was hyperdicted by Hydra Variant Thargoid Interceptors and left temporarily disabled in Outotz ST-I d9-6. At the same time as the hyperdiction, the Thargoids succeeded in attacking both Parry Terminal in Flech and Wheelock Ring in Zavijah.

In response to the repeated disruption of Aegis Core's operations and the ongoing deterioration of conditions in Socho, Federal President Zachary Hudson announced that Aegis Core would be relocated from Socho to Sol, where it could be better protected.[8]

Eagle Eye installationsEdit

Name System Planet
Eagle Eye One HIP 17692 A 3
Eagle Eye Two HR 1185 A 5
Eagle Eye Three HIP 17892 1 a
Eagle Eye Four HIP 17225 A 5
Eagle Eye Five Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4 4
Eagle Eye Six Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 2


A target identified by Eagle Eye is not necessarily in imminent danger of a Thargoid attack. Typically, up to six different targets will be identified, but only two of these are at risk; the other targets tend to be false positives in the form of Thargoid Surface Sites, Barnacles, or previously attacked stations. On occasion, Eagle Eye has provided erroneous data and failed to predict a specific attack target.

Target systems that meet all of the following criteria are considered to be authentic, confirmed targets:

The chart below lists the Thargoid attack targets identified by Eagle Eye and confirmed by independent pilots. The targets will be attacked the next week unless independent pilots destroy a sufficient amount of Thargoid vessels in each system and force the Thargoids to retreat. Note that Eagle Eye's data for the first week was not recorded, and the only confirmed target was identified by GalNet.

Week Confirmed Targets Attacked Targets
March 8, 3304 - March 15, 3304 Haignere Port, Huveang De[9] None
March 15, 3304 - March 22, 3304 Glazkov Terminal, Irandan
Lorentz Dock, HIP 21559
March 22, 3304 - March 29, 3304 Lasswitz Terminal, Mentor
Doyle Landing, Lunguni
Glazkov Terminal, Irandan
March 29, 3304 - April 5, 3304 None Doyle Landing, Lunguni
April 5, 3304 - April 12, 3304 Philips City, Madngeri None
April 12, 3304 - April 19, 3304 Eyharts Enterprise, 32 c Piscium
Weil Dock, Kunuvii
Guidoni Enterprise, HIP 9599
April 19, 3304 - April 26, 3304 Acton Dock, LP 581-36
Davy Terminal, Deriv-Dar
Eyharts Enterprise, 32 c Piscium
Weil Dock, Kunuvii
April 26, 3304 - May 3, 3304 Burke Point, Deneb Algedi
Sturckow Port, SPOCS 253
Acton Dock, LP 581-36
May 3, 3304 - May 10, 3304 La Cosa Enterprise, Argestes
Skvortsov Orbital, 63 G. Capricorni
Sturckow Port, SPOCS 253
May 10, 3304 - May 17, 3304 Aquila Station, Dalfur
Hopkins Dock, LTT 8517
May 17, 3304 - May 24, 3304 4A504D, Lalande 4141
Argelander Vision, Lwalama
May 24, 3304 - May 31, 3304 Jacobi Platform, HR 1257
Lee Orbital, Lusonda
May 31, 3304 - June 7, 3304 Atkov Ring, LP 571-36
Morukov Terminal, HIP 21559
June 7, 3304 - June 14, 3304 Foda Port, Kung Mu
Beaufoy Vision, Nauni
June 14, 3304 - June 21, 3304 Hennepin Prospect, Assinda
Gurney Oasis, Kambila
June 21, 3304 - June 28, 3304 Protocol Xeno 55 Hennepin Prospect, Assinda
June 28, 3304 - July 5, 3304 Garay Terminal, Deciat None
July 5, 3304 - July 12, 3304 Bunnell Dock, Nogambe
Parise Station, Tembala
July 12, 3304 - July 19, 3304 Metcalf Station, HIP 44811
Nikolayev Dock, Wolf 636
Parise Station, Tembala
July 19, 3304 - July 26, 3304 Preuss Terminal, Di Jian
Zudov Hub, RMK 6
Metcalf Station, HIP 44811
July 26, 3304 - August 2, 3304 Landsteiner Orbital, Bok
Plucker Enterprise, Dhanhopi
Preuss Terminal, Di Jian
Zudov Hub, RMK 6
August 2, 3304 - August 9, 3304 Halley Port, CW Ursae Majoris
Shajn Market, Kamadhenu
Plucker Enterprise, Dhanhopi
August 9, 3304 - August 16, 3304 Kucher Port, HIP 30045
Xiaoguan Hub, Magec
August 16, 3304 - August 23, 3304 System Error None
August 23, 3304 - August 30, 3304 System Recalibrating None
August 30, 3304 - September 6, 3304 Parry Terminal, Flech
Wheelock Ring, Zavijah
The Gnosis
Henry Dock, Valkups
September 6, 3304 - September 13, 3304 Carpenter City, Walgal
Vinogradov Enterprise, LFT 434
Parry Terminal, Flech
Wheelock Ring, Zavijah
The Gnosis
September 13, 3304 - September 20, 3304 Barnwell Station, UGP 145
Vesalius Terminal, Agastani
Carpenter City, Walgal
September 20, 3304 - September 27, 3304 Friesner Orbital, Argestes
Schrodinger Dock, HR 784
Barnwell Station, UGP 145
September 27, 3304 - October 4, 3304 Aquila Station, Dalfur
Jacobi Platform, HR 1257
October 4, 3304 - October 11, 3304 Ryazanski Enterprise, Otherni
Smith Reserve, LDS 883
October 11, 3304 - October 18, 3304 Brill Station, Kareco
Ramelli Terminal, Li Tzicnii
Wiener Terminal, Dulerce
October 18, 3304 - October 25, 3304 Bunnell Dock, Nogambe
Karachkina Orbital, HIP 9141
Walker Ring, Gertrud
Ramelli Terminal, Li Tzicnii
October 25, 3304 - November 1, 3304 Barmin Dock, Iota Pictoris A
Kaiser Terminal, Wayutabal
Steakley Station, Negrito
Karachkina Orbital, HIP 9141
November 1, 3304 - November 8, 3304 Dominique Holdings, Brib
Dornier Terminal, Ngaiawang
Kramski Holding, CD-54 471
Barmin Dock, Iota Pictoris A
Kaiser Terminal, Wayutabal
November 8, 3304 - November 15, 3304 Kasantsev Dock, Dulerce
Pettit Ring, Thraskias
Quaglia Dock, Oraon
Dominique Holdings, Brib
Dornier Terminal, Ngaiawang
November 15, 3304 - November 22, 3304 Goddard Hub, HR 3499
Hooke Gateway, LHS 6187
Yang Hub, Ross 129
Kasantsev Dock, Dulerce
Quaglia Dock, Oraon



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