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Edmund Mahon
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On this day we remember the brave who fell so that the Alliance was born and free from Federal and Imperial aggression.

— Alliance Prime Minister Mahon

Edmund Mahon is the current Alliance Prime Minister, the political leader of the Alliance. He's a career politician and has vast understanding of the Alliance political system. His background is academic and a lifetime of service. He's known for his leadership to drive the disparate elements of the Alliance and get things done. He's an expert at ensuring that concerns of individual systems are properly represented in the Alliance. New member systems find this very attractive. Underneath Mahon's ordinary looks is a cunning mind and will to bring the values of the Alliance to more systems.[1]


06 SEP 3304

  • The Alioth Independents announce plans to hold a gala event in Alioth to mark the beginning of the Alliance presidential election season. In addition to hosting the unannounced candidates for the upcoming election, the gala will also be attended by several key members of the Alliance Assembly, three members of the Council of Admirals, and Prime Minister Edmund Mahon.[2]

05 SEP 3304

  • The Alliance Assembly agreed to hold an internal vote on Alliance President Gibson Kincaid's proposed changes to the constitution, which would restructure the Alliance's political system to allow the Alliance President to serve a single six-year term and grant the office the authority to make all executive decisions. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon told the media: "After much discussion, the Assembly has agreed to vote on President Kincaid's proposals in mid-October, at the same time as the presidential election. We will announce any amendments to the constitution shortly afterwards." Milo Vesper of the Alliance Tribune commented: "President Kincaid's proposals are seen by some as a long-overdue restructure of the political system. Compared to the current bureaucratic procedure, having a single person make all executive decisions has an obvious appeal. But some in the Assembly are concerned that such changes could imbue the president with emperor-like levels of authority. Prime Minister Mahon is playing down such fears, but the words 'constitutional crisis' have already been heard in Parliament. Whatever happens, this could be the most significant election in the Alliance's history."[3]

31 AUG 3304

  • In response to Alliance President Gibson Kincaid's stated plans to alter the Alliance constitution to invest the Alliance presidency with executive power over and above both the Alliance Prime Minister and Alliance Assembly, Prime Minister Mahon commented, "Our constitution has served us well for decades and I see no reason to amend it. Its system of checks and balances exists to prevent any individual from becoming too powerful and destabilising the Alliance."[4]

12 JUL 3304

27 JUN 3304

  • The office of Prime Minister Mahon issued a statement of cautious support for the impending marriage of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester: "The Alliance offers cordial congratulations to the couple, although it remains to be seen if their intentions become a reality."[6]

19 APR 3304

07 MAR 3304

  • Prime Minister Mahon issued a statement in response to Ram Tah's recent Guardian technology breakthroughs: "Information is wealth, and Ram Tah’s efforts to expand the boundaries of science and knowledge will make us rich indeed."[8]

11 MAR 3301

  • During The War for Lugh, Mahon refused to aid the Crimson State Group when they asked for assistance in their fight against the Federation. The reason he gave was that Lugh was legally ruled by the Federation, hence the Crimson State Group did not rule a functioning independent state.[9]

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It is not the place of the Alliance to intervene in matters of legitimate Federal governance. No laws have been broken, no rights have been abused and as such no military aid will be forthcoming for the freedom fighters of Lugh. Similarly, until such time as the residents of Lugh have fully seceded from the Federation, any applications to join the Alliance of Independent Systems will be automatically rejected on the grounds that Lugh is not a fully functioning independent state

— Prime Minister Edmund Mahon

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